Fortem in Successful Drone Detection Test Event for Defense Officials

Fortem Technologies says its counter unmanned aircraft system (CUAS) technologies were successfully tested earlier this year in an urban environment with various Defense Department agencies. Fortem’s SkyDome software, its TrueView radar, and DroneHunter drone interceptor UAS were tested along with other CUAS systems during a five-day test event in May created by the DoD Defense Innovation Unit based on a requirement of the Irregular Warfare Support Directorate and that also included the Army’s C5ISR Center Unique Mission Cell. Fortem said its system detected and tracked multiple small UAS maneuvering around high-rise buildings near the New Orleans Super Dome Champion’s Walk Plaza and long the Mississippi River with everyday vehicle and pedestrian traffic nearby and all within a noisy radio frequency environment. “The ability to have the SkyDome system filter out vessel traffic on the water as it moved across the field of view, was impressive to watch and really underscored the true power of our sensors,” says George Mayor, Fortem’s lead engineer. “It was also great to see the DroneHunter reliably capture target drones over the Mississippi in a scenario that would easily challenge other detection and mitigation systems.” Fortem says that the test environment also included rain and wind. Integration of DroneHunter, which captures threat UAS using an onboard net fired at the small aircraft, and the TrueView radar allows for autonomous detection, pursuit, capture and tow away of dangerous drones.