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As the industry’s only daily publication covering defense market news in global land, sea, air and space programs, Defense Daily is the defense/aerospace industry’s premiere resource for timely, accurate news and analysis of defense business opportunities and trends. With reporters based at the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill, defense contractors, subcontractors, and government decision makers depend on our in-depth coverage of procurements, policies, federal funding, awards and new military initiatives and technologies.

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Defense Daily's Homeland Security Report

Homeland Security Report is the premier source for news and detailed analysis affecting the homeland security marketplace. Produced bi-monthly, in-depth coverage areas include transportation, biometrics and breakthrough technologies, chemical-biological trends, radiological-nuclear developments, and communications and information systems.
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Defense Daily’s Weekly Digest is a FREE weekly e-letter, delivered to top defense and aerospace industry executives. It covers those stories that were the most important from the past week, and showcases those articles that were read by the most people in the industry. See what’s happening and what other readers have found of interest, so you can be “in-the-know” as well.


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Defense Daily’s Capitol Hill Report is delivered each Monday morning to top defense legislators and staff on Capitol Hill. This special FREE e-letter is a synopsis of important defense industry articles previously published in Defense Daily.


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Our job board e-letter is delivered bi-weekly and highlights recently posted jobs and resumes from our job center. The job seeker section of the job board connects you with new employment opportunities and allows you to post a resume, view jobs, create personal job alerts, and more. The employer section allows you to view resumes, post jobs, view products and pricing, and more.

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