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For more than 60 years, Defense Daily ® has been the leading daily publication for business leads and defense market intelligence in land, sea, air, and space initiatives. We’re delivering our award winning reporting to thousands of unique users a month. Learn about the latest developments in:

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And now, you’ll have all this at your fingertips in an easier to read, ‘newsy’ format, and with even more of the content you need to know to follow the latest Defense Department and related agency activities. Defense Daily has literally helped tens of thousands of business and government professionals around the world understand and grow in the United States’ contract marketplace.

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Check out our 2019 Media Kit, or contact tdrake@accessintel.comDefense Daily serves users at some of the world’s largest defense and aerospace firms and government and military organizations including:

  • Boeing
  • Lockheed Martin
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  • BAE Systems
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Editorial Team

John Robinson is managing editor of Defense Daily. He has covered all the military services as well as Congress
for the newsletter. Mr. Robinson started his career as a sportswriter for the Associated Press in Rome, Italy. He
has also worked as a staff writer for Pioneer Press Newspapers in the Chicago suburbs as well as the Washington Post, where he covered high school sports on a part-time basis.
Twitter: @Defdailyed

Cal Biesecker is the homeland security and business reporter for Defense Daily and the editor of the biweekly electronic
newsletter Homeland Security Report. Cal covers the Department of Homeland Security and its components, cyber
security, and the relevant congressional committees. He also covers defense industry financials, and mergers and
acquisitions. Cal has been with Defense Daily since 2002, He is a graduate of the Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania.
Twitter: @calvinb21

Vivienne Machi is a reporter for Defense Daily, covering the Air Force, aerospace industry and Capitol Hill. She
previously worked as an associate editor and staff writer at National Defense Magazine, and began her reporting
career at Cox Media Group Ohio on city beats in the greater Dayton area. A San Francisco native, she received her
Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies from Johns Hopkins University.
Twitter: @VivienneMachi

Richard Abott writes on the Navy, Marine Corps and missile defense for Defense Daily. Previously he has researched and written about various U.S. defense and nuclear weapons issues at the Federation of American Scientists, the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control, the National Iranian American Council, and the British American Security Information Council. He received his MA in Security Studies from Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service with a focus on International Security, and received his BA in Politics from Brandeis University.      Twitter: @ReaderRabott

Matthew Beinart is a reporter with Defense Daily where he covers the Army, Marine Corps, cyber security and the
Pentagon. Matthew’s beat focuses on ground vehicles, tactical networks, major budget decisions and everything in
between. Prior to joining Defense Daily in May 2017, Matthew participated in a reporting fellowship with the Organized
Crime and Corruption Reporting Project in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism.  Twittter: @MBeinart22

Brian Garrett-Glaser is an editorial assistant with the Defense and Aerospace team, leading production of the Rotor & Wing International and Avionics International magazines as well as driving product innovation. Brian previously worked for The Cipher Brief, where he wrote the company’s flagship national security newsletter and hosted its daily podcast. Brian has also worked briefly on Capitol Hill and is a graduate of George Mason University.


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