CSRA Inc. [CSRA] signed a three-year Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft [MSFT] to allow it to use Microsoft’s products, including the Azure cloud platform, CSRA said Monday.

This agreement makes CSRA the first government system integrator to migrate its workload to the Azure Government cloud platform. The migration allows CSRA to have the same levels of information security requirements as its Defense Department customer while also participating in new Microsoft cloud offerings, CSRA said.

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CSRA is also a Gold Partner in the Microsoft Partner Network.

“Using Microsoft Azure Government cloud platform and Office365 represents a unique opportunity for CSRA. We believe that the market for Microsoft’s cloud services with the DoD will expand rapidly,” CSRA president and CEO Larry Prior, said in a statement. “By teaming with Microsoft, CSRA is taking advantage of a significant growth opportunity. Together, our industry-leading cloud migration and longstanding relationship with the DoD will continue to deliver flawlessly for our customers.”

CSRA also worked with the Microsoft team to meet business requirements and plans to continue the work to test Microsoft’s latest offerings as “customer zero” providing implementation experience for both companies.

“Through this relationship, the Microsoft Azure Government cloud platform allows us to share the same information safeguards that the DoD implements for its workloads. Fully-utilizing Microsoft’s software and cloud capabilities is a core element of our strategy to streamline our portfolio, integrate our systems better, and manage our IT costs. Our goal is to have seventy percent of our applications operating within the cloud,” CSRA CIO John Dancy, added.