ViaSat [VSAT] is building on its proprietary cyber security software capabilities with a new government contract to protect military wearable device platforms for tactical use in the battlefield.

The California-based communications company announced Aug. 28 it will provide its Mobile Dynamic Defense (MDD) software to aid the cyber resiliency of the platforms on the military’s Tactical Local Area Network (TACLAN) Field Computing Device – Wearable used in the battlefield for Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) missions.iStock Cyber Lock

“Protecting sensitive information stored and accessed on mobile devices at the tactical edge has been a major challenge for U.S. Government agencies in the thick of battle,” ViaSat President of Government Systems Ken Peterman said in a statement. “Our investments in the commercial markets allow us to quickly and cost-effectively bring products, like the ViaSat MDD mobile device cyber security platform, to government and military agencies – ensuring warfighters have the latest mobility solutions without the fear of jeopardizing confidential government policy, information or device integrity. Further, with ViaSat’s cyber security MDD software, warfighters have the flexibility to remotely or locally – without live network access – provision and configure devices on-the-fly as a mission changes.”

The MDD platform is meant to protect the sensitive information hosted on the TACLAN platforms with security checks using its proprietary “Defense in Depth” model, which brings together automated security controls and countermeasures. MDD is built around self-attestation, event logging and continuous threat response.

ViaSat with will work information technology support provider iGov on the contract. iGov has serviced TACLAN line of devices for over 10 years and is responsible for integrating the C4I mission systems utilized in the battlefield.

The TACLAN devices are used to facilitate applications connecting Special Operations Forces headquarters, main operating locations and tactical teams.