Israel has tapped Rafael to deliver its future sensor-to-shooter system, with the goal to have the networked capability operational within the year.

The Fire Weaver control system was jointly developed by Rafael and the Israeli Ministry of Defense’s research and development unit, and is designed to connect all ground troops “through a battlefield digitization process.”

Artist’s rendering of scenario with Rafael’s Fire Weaver. Photo: Rafael.

 “The system connects all battle participants to enable closing rapid, precise, effective and secure sensor-to-shooter loops,” Rafael officials wrote in a statement. “As a result, Fire Weaver considerably maximizes the operational performance and decreases the battle duration.”

Rafael said Fire Weaver is complementary to a C4I system and is designed to provide troops with “real-time accurate battle information, displayed directly on their weapon sights.”

The systems includes GPS-independent tools to provide common targets, blue forces and location points between all sensors and shooters, while also utilizing artificial intelligence algorithms to process data and prioritize fires allocation, according to Rafael.

“Fire Weaver is a significant force-multiplier, and it joins Rafael’s vast portfolio of ground-braking systems, integrating top notch technologies. In line with Rafael’s vision of connecting the capabilities, Fire Weaver will help the IDF in its efforts to prepare for the challenges of the multidimensional battlefield,” Shmuel Olanski, head of the company’s Land Innovation Center, said in a statement. 

Rafael noted that last month Germany also elected to study Fire Weaver as part of its “Glass Battlefield” mobile operations program.