Harris Corp.[HRS], recently announced the addition of a broadband satellite capability to its Falcon IIIr RF-7800M wideband networking radio that will enable global-area high-data-rate communications between senior military commanders and personnel at the tactical edge.

Integration of the RF-7800M radio with the Harris RF-7800B family of ruggedized Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) satellite terminals provides warfighters with a unique end- to-end secure beyond-line-of-sight network connectivity.

“The integration of the RF-7800M with our tactical BGAN terminals creates a powerful system that will provide our customers with capabilities they cannot get anywhere else,” Hal McDougall, vice president and acting general manager, International Business, Harris RF Communications, said in a Sept. 8 statement. “Our integrated system provides high- speed, secure communication links between the first tactical mile and strategic infrastructure, providing voice relay, ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) data and a common operating picture.”

The RF-7800M currently provides advanced voice and data wideband line-of-sight networking capabilities through the Harris-developed Advanced Networking Wideband Waveform (ANW2). The ANW2 waveform provides warfighters with secure voice transmission, as well as streaming video, biometrics, classified Internet access and other intelligence applications.

The new software upgrade will allow users to extend the range of ANW2 data to beyond-line-of-sight by linking the radio to the BGAN network through the RF-7800B. The combined system offers throughput rates of up to 2 Mbps over the BGAN network when using embedded TCP/IP acceleration and compression, thus reducing INMARSAT costs. It is the only integrated, military-rugged, wideband SATCOM on-the-move system capable of seamlessly maintaining high-speed encrypted IP data across an extended battle space. The RF-7800M is available to international customers.

The RF-7800M integration with the RF-7800B will also provide the reach-back capability on a global scale, connecting operators at the tactical edge with commanders at the highest levels. This functionality allows for faster and more informed decision-making, improved mission efficiency and troop safety. Harris has developed both a Class 2 Land Portable BGAN terminal for dismounted applications and a Class 10 Land Mobile BGAN terminal for vehicles on the move. Both terminals utilize the Inmarsat-4 BGAN satellite constellation and are currently available to domestic and international customers.