The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is conducting a market survey for support services in two areas, the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in airport applications and for countering drones in airport environments.

The current support to the FAA in these areas is done by General Dynamics’ [GD] Information Technology segment. The agency hasn’t developed an acquisition strategy yet for the upcoming procurement of the support services, which will include program management and technical expertise to support the UAS and counter UAS (CUAS) requirements.

For the CUAS task area, the support contractor will help the FAA meet its obligations under a 2018 bill passed by Congress that directs the agency to test UAS detection and mitigation technologies and systems at five airports.

For airport applications of UAS, the support contractor will help the FAA with the research, testing and evaluation of integrating drones into the nation’s airports. The FAA has identified six core applications of UAS in the airport environment, with priority given to identifying obstructions, airfield pavement inspections, wildlife hazard management, perimeter security, aircraft rescue and firefighting, and other related UAS airport safety applications and integration program planning.

Responses to the survey are due by Oct. 16.