Cross Match Technologies, Inc., is launching a new Web-based biometric software application that minimizes where sensitive information is stored.

This new application, called WEBS, addresses common concerns of security, privacy and total cost of ownership associated with biometric implementations, such as where is an individual’s data going and how it is being used. Whether WEBS is deployed within a PC workstation, a thin client terminal environment or with a network appliance such as the Cross Match Guardian IP, personally identifiable information is never stored locally, according to a company statement.

“You’re not running it on a bunch of separate laptops at different enrollment locations,” Cross Match spokesman John Hinmon told Defense Daily in a telephone interview yesterday. “You’re actually entering the data through a Web browser to a server that is in a secure location and you’re not leaving traces of somebody’s demographic data on a laptop that could, ultimately, be breached or stolen.”

“(WEBS) is accessed over the network through a secure HTTPS browser connection, providing an effective and efficient way to centralize sensitive enrollment data,” Cross Match product manager John Bagocius said in a statement. “The architecture enables users to remotely enroll, administer and maintain from a single touch-point, saving time while improving productivity and reducing cost.”

WEBS’ architecture is designed to support the addition of future capabilities and enhancements, thereby providing IT and security managers a flexible and customizable biometric solutions platform, according to a statement.

Hinmon said WEBS would be attractive to institutions that have a geographic distribution of enrollment stations or anyone who is doing applicant background checks at various locations. Hinmon said the Social Security Administration and the Veterans Affairs Department are examples of such institutions. Hinmon added Cross Match is in a number of discussions regarding sales of WEBS at the moment, but couldn’t elaborate with whom. He said he hoped to comment next week.

Hinmon said Cross Mark is known for SEEK II, the company’s handheld biometrics product.  SEEK II is designed for wireless mobile iris, facial and fingerprint data capture and has standards-based image capture and enrollment. SEEK II also has embedded 3G communications support and built-in wireless networking that allows field personnel to access remote databases, according to Cross Mark’s website. Hinmon said SEEK II is FBI certified.

Cross Match is owned by the private equity firm Francisco Partners.