The Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is extending by six-months its public-private task force that is addressing challenges with the information and communications technology (ICT) supply chain, allowing the group to continue its work leading up to the release of various reports and projects.

“The work of the task force over the past two years has been invaluable to the critical infrastructure community,” Bob Kolasky, assistant director of CISA and co-chair of the ICT Supply Chain Risk Management Task Force, said in a statement last Thursday. “Extending the charter for six additional months ensures the task force has the support and flexibility needed to function as a high-leverage, public-private partnership able to work beyond the normal governmental processes to address unique challenges impacting global ICT supply chains.”

In the past two years the ICT supply chain task force has made recommendations to help private sector entities assess and manage risks in their supply chains. In January, the task force’s Threat Evaluation Working Group released an updated report identifying processes and criteria to help buyers and users of ICT products and services evaluate supply chain threats.

CISA said that through the first half of 2021 the task force will continue efforts to build partnerships with stakeholders and international entities to further broaden its reach and influence.

“As supply chain attacks on our global ICT infrastructure become more frequent, aggressive and increasingly consequential, now is the time for our task force to double down on its critical work,” said Robert Mayer, senior vice president for Cybersecurity and Innovation at USTelecom, an association representing the broadband technology industry. Mayer is also a co-chair of the task force. “Over the last two years, we’ve engaged a dozen government agencies and IT and communications stakeholders to make the global supply chain less vulnerable to a broad spectrum of supply chain attacks. This is where industry works side-by-side with our government partners on pressing priorities, and I’m glad this important partnership has been extended.”