Raytheon, Palantir To Test Software For Navy’s Future Logistics System

The Navy has awarded Raytheon [RTN] and Palantir contracts to test their software offerings for potential use in the service’s next-generation logistics system, officials announced last Wednesday.

Both companies are tasked with forming a prototype Integrated Data Environment (IDE) from their respective software architecture as part of the Naval Operational Business Logistics Enterprise (NOBLE) program.iStock Cyber Lock

“Raytheon and Palantir will be required to deliver a baseline of commercial software solutions with enterprise and field level capability that can ensure effective and efficient supply operations, both afloat and ashore,” officials wrote in a statement.

The prototype IDE solution is expected to demonstrate multi-level security features for the logistics system capable of handling objectives for supply, ship maintenance, repair and overhaul missions.

“The future is software. It’s thrilling to help the Navy jump into this new model of buying open, commercial software systems to deliver new capabilities to the warfighter faster than ever before,” Todd Probert, Raytheon’s vice president for Mission Support and Modernization, said in a statement.

The Navy awarded the Other Transaction Authority contracts through the Training and Readiness Accelerator (TReX) consortium.

Prototype IDE systems are expected to be deployed and assessed within three to six months from the contract award.

Tim Greeff, whose company NSTXL runs the TReX consortium, said NOBLE is intended to improve Navy readiness by more effectively streamlining ship maintenance management.

“In this case, the Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command will be able to quickly replace legacy systems and architectures that are obsolete, cyber-vulnerable and inefficient,” Greeff said in a statement.

Several other components of NOBLE are expected to be awarded prototype agreements in the coming weeks, including the Naval Operational Supply Systems, Naval Aviation Maintenance System and Naval Operational Maintenance Environment.

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