Global Aerospace and Defense Industry Markets, 2016-2018 & 2019-2024 – The World’s Largest & Most Powerful Industry, Undergoes Transformation

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DUBLIN, Aug. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The “Aerospace and Defense Industry – Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts” report has been added to’s offering.

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The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2016 through 2024. Also, a five-year historic analysis is provided for these markets. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research.

The report profiles 326 companies including many key and niche players such as:

  • Airbus Group (Netherlands)
  • Applied Radar, Inc. (USA)
  • Arianespace SA (France)
  • BAE Systems Plc (United Kingdom)
  • Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation (USA)
  • Bombardier, Inc. (Canada)
  • CAE (USA)
  • CFM International Inc. (USA)
  • Dassault Aviation SA (France)
  • Delta TechOps (USA)
  • DigitalGlobe (USA)
  • Embraer SA (Brazil)
  • Esterline Technologies Corporation (USA)
  • FlightSafety International Inc. (USA)
  • GE Aviation (USA)
  • General Dynamics Corporation (USA)
  • Honeywell International, Inc. (USA)
  • Indra Sistemas, S.A. (Spain)
  • Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd (Israel)
  • Kaman Corporation (USA)
  • L3 Technologies, Inc. (USA)
  • L3 Link Training & Simulation (USA)
  • Leonardo S.p.A. (Italy)
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation (USA)
  • MBDA Missile Systems (USA)
  • Msp Aviation, Inc. (USA)
  • Northrop Grumman Corporation (USA)
  • Orbital ATK, Inc. (USA)
  • Planet Labs Inc. (USA)
  • Raytheon Company (USA)
  • Rockwell Collins, Inc. (USA)
  • Rolls-Royce Plc (United Kingdom)
  • RUAG AG (Switzerland)
  • Safran S.A. (France)
  • Space Exploration Technologies Corp (USA)
  • Textron Inc. (USA)
  • Thales Group (France)
  • The Boeing Company (USA)
  • United Technologies Corporation (USA)
  • UTC Aerospace Systems (USA)
  • Pratt & Whitney (USA)

Key Topics Covered:

Aerospace & Defense, The World’s Largest & Most Powerful Industry, Undergoes Transformation
Adoption of Digital & Advanced Manufacturing Technologies: The First Step in Transforming Operations
3D Printing Transforms Aircraft Metal Component Production
Material & Engineering Innovations: The Second Step in Engineering & Product Transformation
Growing Pressure to Reduce Design & Manufacturing Costs and Lead Times Encourages Supply Chain Transformation
Continued Recovery in Global GDP Promises Stronger Growth for the A&D Industry
Healthy Growth of the Commercial Aviation Sector Bodes Well for Commercial Aerospace Products & Services
Still High Commercial Aircraft Order Backlogs Bodes Well for Aircraft Products & Services
In-Flight Entertainment to Beat High Altitude Boredom Grows in Prominence & in Commercial Opportunity for Airliners
Innovative Aircraft Engines Grow in Commercial Value in Both Civilian & Military Sectors
Environment Friendly, Fuel Efficient Engines Hog the Limelight in this Era of Sustainability
No Longer Forced to Strike a Tradeoff Between Thrust & Fuel Efficiency: GE Aviation Provides a Solution that Promises to Transform Combat Aircraft Performance
Effervescent Engine Design Studies for Silent Aircraft Propulsion System Gets Underway
Fuel Economy as a Function of Weight Throws the Spotlight on Aircraft Lightweighting
Advanced Composites Storm into the Spotlight
Encouraging Outlook for Commercial Aircraft MRO Services Bodes Well for the A&D Industry
Engine Overhaul, a Revenue Spinning Sub-Sector of the MRO Service Market
Healthy Global Defense Spending Outlook to Spur Growth Opportunities for Defense Products and Services
The U.S. & Europe Once Again Emerge to Drive Global Military Spending in 2018
Asia & the Middle East Will Continue to Remain Long-Term Driving Forces for Growth in Military Spending
Defense Spending Growth Shifts from Developed to Emerging Countries
Growing Security Threats & International Border Tensions Provide the Foundation for Future Growth in the Defense Sector of the A&D Industry
A Quick Review of Noteworthy Trends in the Civil & Military Aerospace Sector
Electronic Warfare Systems in Airborne Platforms Grow in Prominence for their Ability to Help Maintain Military Dominance
Artificial Intelligence Enabled Advanced Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems Help Airborne Platforms to Counter Threats from Adaptive Radars
Innovations in Drone Technology Set to Revolutionize Defense Operations: Armed UAVs, Adaptable UAVs, Swarm Micro Drones and Intelligent Drones to Shape Future of Warfare
Focus on Greater Degree of Autonomy to Control Rising Cost of Military Manpower
Drones Armed with Combat Capabilities to Deliver Aerial Fire Support
Adaptable UAVs Help Navigate Congested Urban Warfare and Advanced Fuel Cell Propulsion Systems to Expand Combat Range
Intelligent Drones and AI Technology to Provide Actionable Intelligence and Insights
Decisive Role Played by Radars in Smart Warfare Expands the Technology’s Use in a Broad Range of Military Operations
Radars Grow in Popularity in Missile Guidance & UAV Navigation
Growing Pressure on Training Cost Reduction & Critical Pilot Shortage Drive Market Opportunities for Aircraft Training & Simulation Equipment
Expanding Applications of Satellite Imagery in Commercial & Military Sectors Bodes Well for the Growth in Demand for Satellites
Micro-Satellites Make Their Mark
The Era of Autopilot, Fly by Wire, Internet of Aircraft Things and Glass Cockpits Drives the Importance of Aerospace & Military Electronics
Synthetic Vision System (SVS): A 3D Piloting Cockpit Interface Primed Drive the Commercial Value of Aerospace Avionics
The Age of Connected Battlefield & Network Centric Warfare Strategies Make C4ISR, the Backbone of Modern Military Operations
Agile, Open & Networked C4ISR Systems Emerge Over the Horizon Strapped With the Promise of Offering Knowledge Superiority
Growing Focus on Applying Intelligent Geospatial Data Analytics Technology in Military & Defense Intelligence to Benefit Growth of Smart GIS Software & Platforms
ArcGIS, QGIS & Whitebox GAT Rank Among the Most Popular GIS Software
Leading GIS Software & Their Features, Advantages & Disadvantages
SAR: The Most Important Geotechnology of Utmost Value to the Commercial & Military Sector
Missile Defense Continues to Play a Pivotal Role in 21st Century Combat Force
Rising Prices of Combat Aircraft Shifts Focus on Innovations in Air-to-Air Missile Systems
European Combat Aircraft Deploy Indigenous Air-to-Air Missile Systems to Curtail Dependence on US Defense Technology
Longer Range and Innovative Seeker Software Enable Air-to- Surface Missiles to Achieve Pinpoint Accuracy in Dense Air Defense Environments
Longer Range and Precision Strike Surface-to- Surface Missiles Enable Combat Forces to Engage Targets over a Vast Geographical Area
New Generation Anti-Ship Missiles Use Stealth, Speed and Sea-Skimming Capability to Evade Detection and Interception by Enemy Radar
Advancing Scientific Research in the Field of Space Exploration to Drive Global Demand for Space Equipment
Shape Shifting Satellite and Hypersonic Space Plane to Provide Low Cost Access to Space
Earth Observation Small Satellites Provide Rapidly Refreshed High Resolution Imagery for Immediate Analysis and Improved Decision Making
High Throughput Communication Satellites to Serve Unprecedented Demands for Video and Data Services
Market Outlook

Aircraft Products & Services
Aircraft Engine
Aircraft Components
Commercial Avionics
Military Avionics
In-flight Entertainment
Air-to-Air Missile
Air-to-Surface Missile
Air Defense Missile
Bombs (Guided)
Intelligent Munitions
Specific Missiles
Air-Launched Surface-Attack Guided Missile (AGM)
AGM-88A/B/C High-speed Antiradiation Missile (HARM
AGM-130 Missile (Weapons system)
AGM-154 Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW)
AGM-65 Maverick
AGM-86B/C Air-Launched Cruise Missile
AGM-129A Advanced Cruise Missile
Airborne Tactical and Defense Missiles
Air-Launched Intercept-Aerial Guided Missile (AIM)
AIM-7 Sparrow
AIM-9 Sidewinder
AIM-120A Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM)
Cluster Bomb Unit (CBU)
CBU-89 Gator
Enhanced Guided Bomb Unit (EGBU)
Guided Bomb Units (GBU)
GBU-10 Paveway II
GBU-12 Paveway II
GBU-24 Paveway III
GBU-31/32 Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM)
Mark (General Purpose Bomb)
Silo-Launched Surface Attack Guided Missile
LGM-30G Minuteman III
LG-118A Peacekeeper
Air-to-Air Booster Cylinder
Tube Launched, Optically Tracked, and Wire Guided (TOW) Missile System
Major Technologies in Air-to-Air Missiles Segment
Advanced Propulsion Technology
Solid-Fuel Ramjet
Integral Rocket Ramjet
Ducted Rocket Ramjet
Advanced Guidance/Seeker Technology
Active Radar
Imaging Infrared Focal Plane Array
Command-Inertial Guidance
Dual-Mode Seekers
Other Missile Technologies
Aircraft Training & Simulation
CBT & e-Learning
Military Training & Simulation
Commercial & Military Flight Simulation
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) & Related Systems
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
UAV Tier Classification
Video Information Capability Enhancement System (VICE)
Electronic Warfare
Mine Countermeasures
Naval Radar and Sonar
Chemical & Biological Agent Detectors
An Overview of Select Biological Agents
Sensitivity and Selectivity
Key for Agent Detection
Major Biological and Chemical Detectors
Infrared Imaging Systems and Components
Military Ground Communications
Land-Based Surveillance Radar
Space Equipment
Launch Vehicles
Communications Satellites
Earth Observation Satellites
A-to-Z of Satellite
Low Earth Orbit (LEO)
Medium Earth Orbit (MEO)
Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO)
Satellite’s Footprint
The Interior of a Satellite
The Propulsion Subsystem
The Power Subsystem
The Communications Subsystem
The Structures Subsystem
The Thermal Control Subsystem
The Attitude Control Subsystem
The Telemetry and Command Subsystem
Satellite Sector: An Overview of Applications/Services
The Launch of a Satellite
GPS (Geotechnologies)
Commercial Satellite Imaging
Commercial Aerial Imaging
GIS Software
Commercial SAR Data
Commercial SAR Software
Overview of Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
Application Areas
Space-Based Earth Observation Systems
Major Remote Sensing Instruments and Satellites
Satellite Navigation System
The Galileo System
The Precursor for Galileo
Focus on Select Aircraft Types
Commercial Jets
Business Jets
Regional Jets
A Sneak Preview
An Aircraft Timeline
Commercial/Military Aircraft Models
Aircraft Categories
Military Aircraft
F-15E Strike Eagle (Fighter plane)

Bell Introduces Bell 407GXi
Embraer Unveils the Phenom 300E Light Jet
Lockheed Martin Debuts New Satellite Buses Lineup
Boeing Launches 737 MAX 10 Airplane with High-Capacity LEAP-1B Engines
Airbus Launches Airbus Corporate Helicopters
Daher Announces TBM 910 Turboprop Aircraft
Embraer Rolls Out E195-E2 Aircraft

TransDigm Acquires Extant Components Group
Philippine Airlines Selects Airbus Flight Hour Services for A350-900 Aircraft
Arianespace Signs Contract with Spaceflight to Launch Small Satellites on Vega SSMS POC Flight
CommutAir Selects EAMS as Heavy Maintenance Provider for ERJ- 145 Aircraft
Derco Signs a Repair Agreement with Arkwin Industries
ATR Signs a Global Maintenance Agreement with Mandarin Airlines
Flynas Signs a Letter of Agreement with CFM International for the Purchase of 160 LEAP-1A Engines
American Airlines Selects GEnx Engines to Power Boeing 787 Dreamliners
Bombardier and PSA Airlines Signs Extension of Heavy Maintenance Contract for the Airline’s Fleet of CRJ Series Aircraft
JetBlue Selects Pratt & Whitney’s GTF Engine to Power 45 Airbus A320neo Family Aircraft
Boeing Receives Order from Air Lease Corporation for 737 MAX 8 Airplanes
Lockheed Martin and Poland Signs an Agreement to Procure PAC-3 MSE Missile
The government of Poland Signs a Letter of Offer with the U.S. Government to Purchase IAMD Battle Command System
Kaman Composites
Vermont Expand its Manufacturing Capacity with ASC Autoclave
Airbus and the Luxembourg Government Signs a MoU to Establish a Framework on Aircraft Systems
Aircraft Industries Starts Series Production of its L 410 New Generation (NG) Aircraft
Lockheed Martin Receives a Contract from The U.S. Air Force to Provide Training Support Services for AFSOC
Rolls-Royce Wins an Order from Turkish Airlines for Trent XWB Engines
Lockheed Martin Receives Contract from The Missile Defense Agency for Modified Ballistic Re-Entry Vehicles
Sikorsky Enters into Equipment Distribution Agreement with HABCO Industries
Lockheed Martin Receives a Contract from The US Military Forces for PAC-3 Missiles
Emirates Signs an MoU to Acquire Up to 36 Additional A380 Aircraft
United Airlines Selects Multiple Honeywell Cockpit Technologies for 150 Boeing 737 MAX Airplanes
Hexcel to Acquire OPM’s Aerospace & Defense Business
SpiceJet and CFM Sign an Agreement to Purchase LEAP-1B Engines
Bell Signs Purchase Agreement with Helisul Txi Areo for Four Bell 505 Jet Ranger X Aircraft
The European Commission Approves Northrop Grumman’s Acquisition of Orbital ATK
Bangkok Airways and ATR Signs a Contract for the Purchase of Four Additional ATR 72-600s
Daher Receives a Contract from Boeing to Provide Thermoplastic Composite Structural Parts for the Boeing 787 Airplanes
Hainan Airlines Signs a MOU with CFM for the Purchase of LEAP- 1A Engines
Arianespace Enters into an Agreement with Intelsat to Launch Two Satellites
CFM Signs Agreement with Spring Airlines for the Purchase of 120 LEAP-1A Engines
Orbital ATK Signs a Cooperative R & D Agreement (CRADA) with the U.S. Air Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center
Airbus Enters into a Purchase Agreement with Indigo Partners Family
Lockheed Martin Receives $944 Million Contract for PAC-3 Missiles from The US Military Forces
IAE Enters into 10-Year Maintenance Agreement with IAI for V2500 Engines
Thales to Acquire Gemalto
Qazaq Air Signs a Firm Purchase Agreement with Bombardier for Two New Q400 Turboprops
BAE Systems and the Government of Qatar Sign a Contract for the Supply of Typhoon Aircraft
Raytheon Establishes New Subsidiary
Raytheon Emirates



Total Companies Profiled: 326 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries 394)

  • The United States (192)
  • Canada (14)
  • Japan (14)
  • Europe (138)
    • France (26)
    • Germany (23)
    • The United Kingdom (37)
    • Italy (7)
    • Spain (5)
    • Rest of Europe (40)
  • Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (21)
  • Middle East (11)
  • Latin America (2)
  • Africa (2)

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