OSI Systems Gets $6M Security Order

OSI Systems [OSIS] says its Security division has received a $6 million order from an international customer to provide multiple Eagle P60 high-energy drive-through cargo and vehicle inspection portal units and follow-on maintenance service and support. The customer wasn’t disclosed.

NASA Plans to Award 911 Security Systems Contract for C-UAS Detection System

NASA’s Shared Services Center plans to award a contract to 911 Security for a counter-unmanned aircraft system (C-UAS) detection system that will be used at the agency’s Stennis Space Center. 911 Security’s AirGuard C-UAS software platform integrates various technologies to detect and track small drones.

DHS CWMD Office Plans Contracts for Thallium Bromide Work

The Department of Homeland Security Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office plans to award contracts to Bubble Technology Industries and Radiation Monitoring Devices for work related to Thallium Bromide-based detectors. Bubble Technology will conduct research and development to complete the design, fabrication and testing of Capacitive Frisch Grid needed to characterize Thallium Bromide-based core detector modules (CDMs). The work builds on and continues the previous program’s focus on developing TlBr as a revolutionary new detector material that is expected to have a transformational impact in helping to counter the threat of nuclear terrorism. RDM will also conduct R&D to complete the design and testing of Pixelated Detector needed to characterize TlBr-based CDMs. The work also builds on a previous program to develop TlBr as a new detector material. Both companies’ research is expected to culminate in delivery of CDMs and supporting characterization and test data that will support transitioning to CWMD’s THOR program, which will develop prototype TlBr Radio-Isotope Identification Devices (RIIDs) for eventual commercialization. Each contract will be for six months.

TSA to Award GD Contract to Warranty Secure Phones

The Transportation Security Administration plans to award General Dynamics’ [GD] Mission Systems division a contract for a three-year extended warranty for324 Sectera vIPer Universal Secure Phones. The value of the award was redacted. The vIPer phones include Type 1 encryption to ensure end-to-end protection and SCIP interoperability for secure classified communications.

Smiths Detection Provides Security Detection for 2022 Commonwealth Games

Smiths Detection is supplying its X-Ray screening and security detection equipment for the 2022 Commonwealth Games that were held in July 28 to Aug. 8 in Birmingham, England. The security equipment supplied by Smiths was used to screen sporting equipment, incoming goods, and the belongings of attendees. Smith also trained over 400 security operators. The company said it also supplied the IONSCAN 600 trace detector for explosive and narcotics, and the BioFlash, a biological aerosol identifier capable of detecting SARS CoV-2 from air samples.