The Department of Homeland Security awarded total contract funds of $13.5 billion in FY ’15, with the construction joint venture of McCarthy Mortenson topping the list of prime contractor recipients with $843 million.

McCarthy Mortenson is a combination of McCarthy Building Companies and Mortenson Construction, received the funds to build the new National Bo and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) in Kansas. The joint venture broke ground on the final and largest phase of the NBAF last May.

Taking the second spot was Computer Sciences Corp. [CSC], with $603.1 million followed by shipbuilder Huntington Ingalls Industries [HII], which builds the Coast Guard’s National Security Cutters.  HII received $519.5 million in DHS contracts in FY ’15.

The top products or services that DHS contracted for were guard services for $.14 billion followed by laboratory construction, $835 million, which is for the NBAF work.

The top awarding agencies within DHS, excluding the Federal Emergency Management Agency, were the Coast Guard at $2.7 billion, DHS headquarters and related directorates at $2.6 billion, Customs and Border Protection at $2.1 billion and the Transportation Security Administration at $1.7 billion. FEMA’s awards, which totaled $11 billion, are excluded in the prime contractor totals.

A list of the top 25 contractors based on data contained in follows:

Contractor                                                     $ in millions

McCarthy Mortenson NBAF JV                    $843 million

CSC                                                                $603.1

Huntington Ingalls                                          $519.5

Lockheed Martin                                            $327

Securitas AB                                                   $276.3

IBM                                                                $260

Unisys                                                             $213.7

The GEO Group                                             $187.1

L-3 Communications                                      $186.8

Safran Group                                                  $186

Mythics Inc.                                                    $180.6

Leidos                                                             $175

Hewlett Packard                                             $153.6

PAE                                                                $134.8

General Dynamics                                           $131

Covenant Aviation Security                           $109.7

MITRE Corp.                                                  $103.3

SAIC                                                               $102

G4S Plc                                                           $98.9

Booz Allen Hamilton                                      $98

Sterling Parent Inc.                                         $97.7

ESCgov Inc.                                                   $96.4

AKAL Security                                              $95.4

Dell                                                                 $91

CSI Aviation Services                                                $90.1