Finmeccanica‘s AgustaWestland North America Inc. unveiled its AW139M helicopter at the Air Force Association’s 2011 Air & Space Conference and Technology Exposition (AFA).

AgustaWestland customized its multi-role AW139 medium-twin helicopter, creating the advanced military AW139M for the Air Force’s Common Vertical Lift Support Platform (CVLSP).

A year ago, the company showcased its AW139M cabin demonstrator at AFA; now the AW139M helicopter stands on display with 100 flight hours on the aircraft.

The AW139M reached further milestones in its development, now fully integrated with proven U.S. military technology such as its aircraft survivability equipment.

AgustaWestland recently in a statement said it is firmly committed to the U.S. Air Force with the right helicopters for the mission and the right talent for the job.

“AgustaWestland made the investment to develop this modern, off-the-shelf helicopter for the U.S. CVLSP security mission,” said R. Scott Rettig, chief executive officer of AgustaWestland North America. “We believe the AW139M provides the most fiscally responsible option while allowing aircrews to fly faster, farther and safer for the mission.”

Manufactured at the company’s Philadelphia, Pa., facility, the AW139M includes a high-definition FLIR, self-protection equipment including infrared detection and countermeasures, avionics and heavy duty landing gear.

For military missions, the AW139M features a low thermal and acoustic signature and all-weather capabilities for use in challenging environments such as the U.S. Air Force’s northern-tier missile bases.

The company also said retired Air Force Col. J.D. Clem has joined the team focused on Air Force programs. With 30 years of Air Force experience, Clem served, most recently, as the division chief at SAF/AQ responsible for tactical airlift, special operators and trainers.

Additionally, AgustaWestland North America offers the three-engine HH-71 to the Air Force’s request for information for critical combat search and rescue missions. The HH-71, is based on the AW101.