The Transportation Security Administration, Office of Risk Management and Strategic Innovation requires development of a game-theory based simulation with the capability of being able to randomize in a risk-efficient manner of security elements being deployed. The tool will support crisis action, incident management actions during real world contingencies as well as training and exercise events. TSA says the ability to randomize the placement, scheduling and sequence of security measures can frustrate terrorists’ plans and even deter attacks due to unpredictability. However, it wants to be able to go beyond simple randomization so mitigate risk as much as possible. TSA plans to award one- year contract with four one-year options. A solicitation is expected to be released around July 17 with an award around Sept. 15. Sol. No. HSTS03-08-R-RMS019. Respond by Aug. 18. Contact: Kia Green, contract specialist, 571-227-2890,