Reveal Imaging Introduces Checkpoint X-Ray System

Reveal Imaging Technologies has unveiled ArrayCT, an X-Ray detection system for checkpoint applications that can scan moving bags from multiple angles simultaneously, resulting in an image that allows operators to identify threat objects by their shape, placement and relative motion. Combined with ArrayCT’s material classification algorithms, Reveal says the machine improves operator effectiveness and results in greater efficiency. ArrayCT can also detect liquid threats and explosives and threats in laptop computers simultaneously, Reveal says. Reveal unveiled the system at the TranSec World Expo last week in The Netherlands. The system is fully compatible with existing and planned checkpoint operations, Reveal says. “As threats continue to evolve rapidly, static X-Ray systems and their operators are being pushed to their limits because speed and accuracy are often mutually exclusive,” says Michael Ellenbogen, president and CEO of Reveal. “ArrayCT, on the other hand, provides an unmatched level of accuracy while keeping the checkpoint moving.”

ICx Introduces New Version of Fido That IDs Explosives, Drugs and Liquid Threats

ICx Technologies [ICXT] has added to its Fido family of products with the palm-size Fido Verdict, which can quickly identify suspicious liquids, solids and powdered materials. ICx says that Verdict is designed to help military and law enforcement officials identify explosives, dangerous liquids, narcotics and other threats using Raman spectroscopy. The device can be used in the field at checkpoints and in support of forensic investigations.

Rapiscan Introduces Web-based Software for Managing Metal Detectors

OSI Systems‘ [OSIS] Rapiscan division has introduced the MetorNet 3 Pro Web Software System, a Web-based version of the company’s MetorNet security management software that allows for the efficient management and monitoring of multiple walk-through metal detectors. The system’s web-enable Microsoft [MSFT] Windows-compatible software enables remote monitoring, data collection and inspection data processing via a screener’s Internet browser and computer. The software enables multiple checkpoints to be managed from a central location.

Radiation Shield Technologies Introduces Bomb Blanket

Radiation Shield Technologies (RST) has introduced a bomb blanket that shields against improvised explosive devices (IEDs), dirty bombs and nuclear spills. The Demron-W High Energy Nuclear/Ballistic shield “enables our first responders and military to combat all threats faced today, including traditional ballistics and bombs as well as IEDs, Radiological Dispersal Devices, Radiological Emission Devices and the ever increasing nuclear and radiological threats, road-side bombs that are triggered by cell phones,” says Ronald DeMeo, president of RST. The shield is made with RST’s Demron-W fabric, which as National Fire Protection Association Class 2 certification. RST says that Demron fabric has been proved to block gamma rays, X-Rays and nuclear emissions by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Allen Vanguard to Distribute RedX’ XPAK Explosives Detector Worldwide

RedXDefense and Canada’s Allen Vanguard Corp. have entered into an agreement whereby Allen Vanguard will distributed RedX’ XPAK Portable Explosives Detection System worldwide. “The XPAK has already proven itself under the harsh conditions of combat theaters and we look forward to bringing it to military, police and public safety specialists across our distribution network as part of our comprehensive counter-improvised explosive device (IED) capability,” says David Luxton, president and CEO of Allen Vanguard. Allen Vanguard develops and markets technologies to defeat and minimize IEDs and other hazardous devices and materials.