AFuzion’s DO-278A Training & DO-278A Gap Analysis Chosen by Columbia: 6th Country in Two Years

AFuzion is pleased to announce that it’s DO-278A Training & Services in CNS/ATM were chosen by Columbia’s Air Force for new systems and upgrades. Columbia now joins multiple companies in the USA, Australia, Iceland, New Zealand, and Spain who have all selected only AFuzion for DO-278A Training, DO-278A Auditing, and DO-278A Gap Analysis.

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NEW YORK, Aug. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — With the country of Columbia selecting AFuzion last week, AFuzion’s DO-278A Services have been provided to over fifteen companies and government entities in six countries on four continents. DO-278A is the mandatory guideline which makers of aviation ground and satellites based aviation systems are required to follow.

Says AFuzion’s Jack Jones, “AFuzion’s reputation in DO-278A Training and DO-278A services is rapidly gaining momentum. The Communication Navigation Systems and Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) is often considered the step-sister to DO-178C. Everyone knows AFuzion is the world’s largest and most-preferred DO-178C services provider. But where DO-178C is for airborne systems, DO-278A is for ground-based and satellite system. AFuzion has helped two satellite makers with DO-278A and DO-178C for the Iridium-based solutions. But AFuzion’s prowess in DO-278A Gap Analysis, DO-278A Compliance, and DO-278A Training is truly profound. It’s such a small world and 100% of these DO-278A clients have said they’d select AFuzion again. Gratifying.”

AFuzion’s engineers developed the world’s first DO-278 training, then upgraded that to the new version of DO-278A which also includes the ecosystem of ARP4754A, ED-153, DO-330, DO-331, and DO-332. AFuzion’s DO-278A compliance plans, templates, and checklists are proprietary and available only from AFuzion. Additional information is available here:

AFuzion’s DO-278A Training is provided onsite with free customization to meet client needs. It has been provided to over 1200 aviation engineers representing 15 countries; this is more than all the world’s other DO-278A services companies combined. AFuzion’s DO-278A training is available at client facilities anywhere worldwide, via two-day or three-day formats. AFuzion can also provide DO-278A Gap Analysis as it has done already for many clients in five different countries on CNS/ATM and satellites. The AFuzion DO-278A Gap Analysis requires an additional 3-days onsite with two week offsite analysis by the AFuzion senior engineering team comprised of 40 top expert engineers. All DO-278A Gap Analysis clients say it is worth “5-20 times the price” in Return On Investment. More AFuzion DO-278A Gap Analysis information is available here:

AFuzion recently updated its popular “Understanding DO-278A” whitepaper which was previously downloaded over 1500 times. It is available free from AFuzion’s world-largest technical proprietary whitepaper library which also includes AFuzion’s technical whitepapers on DO-178C, DO-254, DO-200B, ARP4754A, ARP4761A, and others. Click here to freely download AFuzion’s “Understanding DO-278A Whitepaper”:

Many DO-278A practicioners believe DO-278A is the same as DO-178C but for the ground versus air. Say’s AFuzion’s Chief Technical Officer Vance Hilderman “While DO-278A certainly has numerous identicalities with DO-178C, DO-278A’s Assurance Level (AL) 4 is uniquely adapted to the much greater COTS software usage within ground-based systems. AFuzion was selected for the key DO-278A services on the newly launched Irididum ADS-B capabilities, and we made good use of Service History and CAST-1 via DO-278A. AFuzion’s unique tool box for DO-278A Alternative Means of Compliance was profoundly instrumental in obtaining certification. The same is true for Australia’s new OneSky CNS/ATM System which also chose AFuzion from among many competitors. However, we also applied DO-178C to Iridium, and a DO-178C Gap Analysis. For airborne software DO-178C Services, users should visit the AFuzion website and simply download many helpful papers and tools to enable success.” Download AFuzion DO-178C information here: