Curtiss-Wright Corp. [CW] on Monday said it has completed its $400 million acquisition of Pacific Star Communications, Inc. (PacStar), a deal that positions it as a key supplier of tactical and enterprise network communications capabilities for military modernization programs.

PacStar is expected to have $120 million in sales this year and is expected to be accretive to adjusted earnings during the first year of ownership. The business, which has 145 employees, will be part of Curtiss-Wright’s Defense segment.

PacStar’s software and hardware are used in secure command, control and communications systems for battlefield use, particularly in remote areas or where infrastructure is sparse. The company’s IQ-Core software is used for setting up and managing network communications, including secure wireless, satellite communications, and soldier-portable systems.

PacStar’s primary customers are the Army, Marine Corps and defense prime contractors.

Curtiss-Wright has a breadth of capabilities and products in embedded computing. PacStar will broaden its defense business in the areas of mobile and secure commercial-of-the-shelf processing, data management, and communications technologies.