The Army is seeking industry’s input on new high-altitude and low-Earth orbit sensing capabilities for both warning and targeting signals intelligence (SIGINT) applications.

Officials from the Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate (I2WD) released a Request for Information notice on Tuesday as the office opens its search for next-generation sensing capabilities that are already in development. 

The I2WD said it’s specifically assessing the marketspace for advanced SIGINT concepts that could be integrated on manned or unmanned high-altitude fixed-wing aircraft, stratospheric balloons or low-Earth orbit satellites. 

Industry responses are not required to address capabilities for all three platforms, according to the Army. 

Concepts included in responses to the Army must current meet a technology readiness level of 4 with plans to bring these capabilities from development into prototyping.

The Army is requesting industry provide information on equipment and antenna array size, weight and power requirements, as well as an estimated cost and schedule to deliver three units of the relevant capability.

The RFI also calls on industry to detail their systems’ support functions and performance parameters, including frequency range, detection and processing bandwidths, number of receivers and channels, storage capacity and geolocation accuracy. 

Responses to the RFI are due to the Army by Oct. 10.