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Review of New Defense Strategy Ordered By May 31

The Pentagon is reviewing the new Defense Strategic Guidance it released last year in light of fiscal constraints, but said it has not gone as far as to end the so-called pivot to Asia that is central to that strategy. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel directed senior leaders last week to “conduct a review to examine […]

Hawkish Lawmakers Applaud Missile Defense Expansion Efforts

Hawkish lawmakers applauded the Pentagon’s announcement that it will boost missile-defense efforts–including burying more interceptors in Alaska–in response to Iran and North Korea’s work to develop long-range missiles. Yet Republicans lamented the costs incurred from a previous scaling-back of such homeland-defense efforts, and a senior senator called for the Pentagon to accelerate plans for a […]

DoD Needs Better Evaluation Of Potential Cyber Attacks On Nuclear Systems, Kehler Says

The Defense Department needs a “more comprehensive, recurring way” to evaluate the potential of cyber-related attacks on its nuclear command and control (C2) and weapon systems, according to the head of DoD’s nuclear enterprise. U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM) chief Air Force Gen. Robert Kehler testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) Tuesday that while […]

Sessions Claims Senate Resolution Off On War Funding

The Senate Budget Committee passed on Thursday night a federal budget resolution, which the panel’s lead Republican charged provides incorrect estimates for war funding. The Democratic-led panel approved its 10-year, largely-symbolic blueprint for federal spending after two days of debate. The GOP-run House Budget Committee approved its contrasting budget resolution earlier in the day Thursday, […]

Senate CR Vote Delayed Until Monday At Earliest 

Senate leaders gave up their hope of passing a government budget bill Thursday night, pledging to find a way to work through a slew of amendments and pass the measure next Monday night. Senate Appropriations Committee (SAC) Chairwoman Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) said committee staff will work through the weekend to reduce the number of proposed […]

Senate Budget Plan Replaces Sequestration Cuts

Senate Democrats unveiled a broad budget resolution Wednesday that calls for ending the $500 billion in across-the-board “sequestration” cuts to defense over a decade but keeping roughly half that amount–$240 billion–in targeted Pentagon reductions. “Our budget saves $240 billion by carefully and responsibly reducing defense spending while giving the Pentagon enough time to plan and […]

New Cyber Forces Provide Nation With Additional Options, Gen. Alexander Says

The standup of a set of cyber security force teams within the Defense Department will give the United States more options to respond to adversaries, the head of U.S. Cyber Command said yesterday. “What we are building are the cyber options that would fit that toolkit for the administration and policy makers to determine exactly […]

Financial Sector Wants More Security Clearances To Bolster Cyber Threat Information Sharing

Information sharing with the federal government related to cyber security threats is benefitting the financial services sector but having more people in industry access to more classified information and improvements with how information is shared would speed access to this data and improve its value, a representative of the sector told a House panel yesterday. […]

DoD ‘Radically’ Changed How It Produces F-35 Software Increments, Bogdan Says

The Defense Department “radically” changed and improved how it designs, tests and delivers F-35 software increments, going from a rate of one increment every 30 days to every three days, according to DoD’s F-35 chief. F-35 Lightning II Joint Program Office Program Executive Officer Air Force Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan said yesterday Lockheed Martin [LMT], […]

House Budget Resolution Seeks Modest Defense Boost

A House panel is calling for slight increases in defense spending over the next decade–which are more than currently projected but not as much as House Republicans previously sought. The GOP-led House Budget Committee kicked off broad budget discussions with the Senate and White House Tuesday by releasing its version of a non-binding budget resolution, […]