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Aerial view of the Pentagon, Arlington, VA

Army Accepting Proposals For New Tech Competition To Find Startup Partners

The Army has begun accepting proposals for its first small business-focused technology competition centered around finding new capabilities for its six modernization priorities, with officials planning to hold pitch meetings around the country beginning in July. The new Expeditionary Technology Search, also called xTechSearch, will award prizes of up to $200,000 to start-ups who demonstrate […]

Raytheon Logo_1c_RGB

Raytheon Tapped To Develop New Laser System For Army FMTVs

The Army has awarded Raytheon [RTN] $10 million demonstration contract to develop a new 100kW laser weapon system able to be integrated onboard its Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV). Raytheon is tasked with designing the laser under the Army’s High Energy Laser Tactical Vehicle Demonstration (HEL TVD) program, with a final $130 million deal […]


Army Awards Training Services Contracts For Combat Simulators, Cyber Support

The Army has awarded awarded training contracts to Cole Engineering Services, Inc. (CESI) to prototype new devices for combat simulation and information security company Root9B (R9B) to deliver advanced cyber courses at Ft. Gordon, Ga., officials said on Monday CESI was awarded a $502,000 rapid prototyping agreement for devices to improve pilot and air defense […]

Photo:Oshkosh Defense

Oshkosh Receives New $484 Million Order From Army For 1,574 JLTVs

Oshkosh Defense [OSK] has received a new $484 million order from the Army for 1,574 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles, officials said June 29. This is the ninth JLTV order from the Army, which is expected to make a final decision in fiscal year 2019 on moving the Humvee replacement program to full-rate production. “The JLTV […]

Sikorsky S-97 Raider (Sikorsky)

Sikorsky Says S-97 Raider Fits Army’s Reconnaissance Requirements

  Sikorsky’s [LMT] S-97 Raider, after flight testing commenced last week, participated in the U.S. Army’s industry day June 25 on its draft solicitation for a new attack reconnaissance aircraft. The Army June 22 said in a draft solicitation the “Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft Competitive Prototype (FARA CP) seeks to design, build, and test technically mature aircraft […]

Maj. Gen. Peter Gallagher, director of architecture, operations, networks, and space for the  Office of the Army Chief Information Officer/G-6 discussing "Halt, Fix, Pivot." Photo: Matthew Beinart.

Army Network Officials To Hold Tactical Cloud Industry Day In August

The Army has announced a new industry day in August to broaden its search for industry partners able to deliver battlefield-ready cloud computing services as part of its tactical network modernization effort. Officials from the Army’s Network Cross Functional Team (CFT) and Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications – Tactical (PEO C3T) are encouraging non-traditional […]

Leonardo DRS' IM-SHORAD system mounted on a Stryker

Army Selects Leonardo DRS To Deliver Interim SHORAD System

The Army said on Wednesday it has selected Leonardo DRS to lead the effort on delivering an interim short range air defense system (SHORAD) to be integrated on Stryker combat vehicles. Leonardo is tasked with providing mission equipment for an Initial Maneuver (IM) SHORAD system capable of defeating unmanned air systems (UAS), rotary-wing and fixed-wing […]

Hellfire Firing
Photo: Lockheed Martin

JAGM Cleared For Production, Achieves Milestone C

The U.S. Army’s Hellfire missile replacement, the Lockheed Martin [LMT] Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM), achieved a milestone C decision and has been cleared for low-rate initial production (LRIP). The JAGM is scheduled to eventually succeed the Army’s use of Hellfire missiles on all rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft that currently fire Hellfires. The older missiles were […]

Army's Palletized Load System truck, built by Oshkosh

Oshkosh Receives $49 Million To Automate Army Loading Trucks

Oshkosh Defense [OSK] received a $49 million award Tuesday to integrate self-driving autonomous technology on the Army’s Palletized Load System (PLS) trucks. The contract calls for Oshkosh to install autonomous kits on 70 PLS, with options for up to 150, that allow soldiers to be removed in high-risk situations while retaining full operational capabilities for […]

AH-64 Apache Helicopters
Photo: U.S. Army

DoD IG: Army Miscounted Apaches Needed For Training, Test

U.S. Army officials have justified the number of operational AH-64E gunships it will buy, but not the 167 Apaches the service says it needs for test and training at a price tag of $3.5 billion, according to the Pentagon’s spending watchdog. In an audit report of the Apache program published June 25, the Defense Department […]