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Navy Notifying Contractors Of Possible Ship Maintenance Cancellations

The Navy has initiated plans to formally inform private shipyard contractors of the possible termination of scheduled maintenance work, but stopped short of issuing cancellations it said it might have to do without a fiscal 2013 appropriations bill from Congress. Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert last week instructed fleet commanders to begin the […]

Alabama’s Rogers Ask Panetta To Ensure $211 Million Reprogram For Israel’s Iron Dome

A key lawmaker asked Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to ensure a reprogramming request would be made so the United States’ $211 million contribution toward Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system is available for fiscal year 2013. “Because the President did not request any funding for Iron Dome in fiscal year 2012, a year-long continuing resolution […]

Senate Dems: Stop 10 Months Of Sequester, Include Other DoD Cuts

Senate Democrats unveiled yesterday a likely-doomed plan to offset “sequestration” budget cuts through the end of December with a package of new revenues and budget cuts, including a $27.5 billion multi-year defense reduction. Democrats released broad outlines of the proposal, dubbed the American Family Economic Protection Act, just as Congress prepared to recess for a […]

Ground Combat Vehicle, Iron Dome Contribution Deserve Budget Scrutiny, Krepinevich Says

The Army’s Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) program and the United States’ contribution to Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system deserve scrutiny in light of possible sequestration and other looming budget cuts, according to the head of an influential Washington think tank. Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA) President Andrew Krepinevich told reporters yesterday in […]

Repubs Say DoD Shares Blame For Sequester 

Frustrated Republicans argued yesterday Pentagon officials are partly responsible for the pending “sequestration” budget reductions, because they did not spell out the cuts’ dire consequences until this year. Pentagon leaders including Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter returned to Capitol Hill yesterday for a second day of hearings before pro-military lawmakers to explain the consequences of […]

DoD Leaders Deliver Sequester Predictions To Hill

Pentagon leaders and senators lamented the impact potential “sequestration” budget reductions would have on the defense industry yesterday, as Democrats and Republicans continued to clash over proposals to stop the cuts. Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) he no longer believes politicians will find a way to avert the […]

Obama: Stop Sequester Cuts With Bipartisan Tax Deal

President Barack Obama called during his State of the Union address for Congress to avert looming “sequestration” budget cuts in part though “bipartisan, comprehensive tax reform.” Republicans skeptical of Obama’s approach to stopping the $1.2 trillion reduction to defense and non-defense spending–which is widely unpopular in Washington–charged in advance of his Tuesday night speech that […]

Lawmakers Urge Navy To Delay Plans To Cancel Ship Maintenance

A group of Democratic and Republican lawmakers are urging the Navy to delay plans to cancel ship maintenance availabilities for the second half of fiscal 2013, asking for more time for Congress to resolve the budget stalemate behind the proposed cancellations. Nine lawmakers sent a letter yesterday to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and Chief of […]

Analysts: Pockets Of Growth For Defense Industry

The defense-industrial base will still have ample contracting opportunities–despite the Pentagon’s shrinking budget–in areas such as cybersecurity and new innovations, analysts say. The defense industry is no doubt facing challenging times–as the March 1 start date for $500 billion in longterm Pentagon cuts nears. Still, companies that position themselves to address unavoidable threats and offer […]

Navy Delays Carrier Refueling, Cites Lack Of Funding

The Navy said Friday that it has delayed the mid-life refueling and overhaul of an aircraft carrier, saying it lacks the funding needed to begin work this fiscal year because Congress has not approved a budget. The USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) will remain docked at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia rather than sail next week to […]