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Australia Reaffirms Plans To Buy F-35s

The Australian government says it’s sticking with plans to buy F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, saying it will by about 72 in the near term and will decide on the procurement of more of the aircraft as the retirement of F/A-18 Super Hornets approaches in the late 2020s. Australia’s program of record calls for acquiring 100 […]

DoD Furlough Decision Coming Soon

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will decide soon how many civilian employees will be forced to take unpaid leave because of “sequestration” budget cuts, and those furloughs could impact the military services differently, an official said. “We know that we have to make a decision soon,” Pentagon press secretary George Little told reporters Wednesday. “The secretary […]

FAA Bill Spurs Questions About DoD Sequester Debate

A top analyst said as the Pentagon tries to thwart “sequestration” budget reductions it should “take a lesson” from how Congress rushed to make those cuts less onerous on the FAA and the flying public. President Barack Obama indicated Tuesday that he will sign the bill that House sent him last Friday to give the […]

GAO: Aegis Ashore Cost Doubles

The cost of deploying Aegis Ashore, the land component of the ship-based missile defense system, to a site in Europe as well as for a testing and development in Hawaii has doubled, according to a report by the Government Accountability Office. The Aegis Ashore site planned for Romania and the Hawaii site has climbed from […]

Donley To Retire As Air Force Secretary In June

The Air Force said Friday Secretary Michael Donley plans to step down as the service’s top civilian June 21 after serving in the position for nearly five years. Donley was confirmed as the 22nd Air Force secretary on Oct. 8, 2008. In addition to serving as the acting secretary since June 2008, Donley also served […]

DoD Aims For Minuteman III Test Launch May 21-23

The Defense Department is aiming to test launch a Minuteman III ICBM in the window of May 21 to 23, Assistant Defense Secretary for Global Strategic Affairs Madelyn Creedon told the Senate Armed Services strategic forces subcommittee April 17. DoD postponed a previous test launch scheduled for earlier this month over tensions on the Korean […]

Goal Of DARPA’s ‘Plan X’ Is To Make Cyber Warfare More Manageable

The goal of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) “Plan X” cyber-offense research program is to help make the offensive aspect of cyber warfare more manageable and controllable, according to DARPA’s chief. DARPA Director Arati Prabhakar told reporters Wednesday at the Pentagon that Plan X, formally known as Foundational Cyberwarfare, is specifically about building […]

U.S., Australia Sign Space Situational Awareness Agreement

The United States and Australia signed the first memorandum of understanding (MoU) permitting an advanced exchange of Space Situational Awareness (SSA) data, according to the Defense Department. SSA exchanges will assist partners with activities such as launch support, maneuver planning, support for on-orbit anomaly resolution, electromagnetic interference reporting and investigation, support for launch anomalies de-commissioning […]

Sequestration ‘Affecting Everything,’ Pentagon Acquisition Chief Says

The Pentagon is scrambling to minimize the impact of the across the board budget cuts known as sequestration on developmental programs and programs already in production, Pentagon acquisition chief Frank Kendall said yesterday. Sequestration is “affecting everything,” and right now defense officials and program managers are engaged in a “damage limitation exercise,” Kendall said. Kendall […]