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Army Airs Readiness Concerns Before House Panel

The Army’s immediate priority is to ensure soldiers in Afghanistan and those units next to deploy are trained, equipped and ready, as non-deploying units will bear the brunt of constrained resources, a group of generals told the House Armed Services Committee panel on Readiness yesterday. Combat readiness is “absolutely guaranteed” for units deploying to Afghanistan, […]

Dempsey: Strategic Review Will Favor Multi-role Systems

An ongoing re-examination the U.S. military strategy is looking at prioritizing weapons programs that have multiple roles, a senior military officer said Tuesday. “One of the principles going forward in the Strategic Choices (and) Management Review, is we’ve got to find platforms that are multi-role, that have the capability to operate both in a hostile […]

Despite Budget Uncertainty, Air Force Brass Says Space Programs ‘In Good Position’

Despite looming budget uncertainty and potential additional sequestration cuts, Air Force brass said yesterday they believe the service’s space programs are in a better position than ever. Air Force Deputy Under Secretary for Space Richard McKinney said with the service’s missile warning, Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) and Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellite systems in […]

Air Force Requests $149 Million For Aerospace Propulsion, Power Technologies

The Air Force requested nearly $149 million for advanced aerospace propulsion and power technology development in fiscal year 2014, according to President Barack Obama’s budget request, which was released April 10. The service wants $64.1 million for advanced development of aircraft propulsion subsystems integration. This project develops and demonstrates technology to increase turbine engine operational […]

Air Force Requests $378 Million For FY ’14 Space Fence Development

The Air Force requested $378 million for further system development and demonstration of its Space Fence space situational awareness program in fiscal year 2014, according to President Barack Obama’s budget request, which was released Wednesday. Space Fence would be a S-band radar tracking orbiting objects and other debris passing over the United States that could […]

Air Force Requests $10 Billion For FY ’14 Space Operations

The Air Force requested $10.1 billion for fiscal year 2014 space operations, according to President Barack Obama’s budget request, which was released Wednesday. The Air Force plans to continue Global Positioning System (GPS) modernization in FY ’14 with the delivery of the first GPS III satellite (GPS III-1). GPS III-1 will provide improved anti-jam capabilities […]

Legislation, Legal Action Floated To Block MEADS Funding

A lawmaker is proposing legislation and raising the threat of legal action to stop the Pentagon from continuing to fund a troubled tri-nation missile defense program. Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) wants to block the Pentagon from using funds appropriated by Congress, in the fiscal year 2013 defense appropriations act signed into law March 26, on […]

BAE Systems/Navy To Soon Decide On Fielding One Or Two APKWS II Variants

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. – The Navy and BAE Systems, contractor for the Advanced Precision Kill Weapons System (APKWS) II, will soon hammer out whether to field two variants of the laser guided missile—one for fixed wing aircraft and one for rotary wing aircraft—or one that can work on both, according to the program’s manager. Program […]

Army Supports GCV Program, Contractors Forging Ahead

The Army’s fiscal year 2014 budget request continues to support modernization leading to technological advantage, requesting $592.2 million for continued research, development, test and evaluation of the restructured Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV). General Dynamics [GD] and BAE Systems each are working under separate contracts on the technology development phase. FY 2014 Defense Department briefing charts […]

Air Force’s FY ’14 Base Budget Request Up 3 Percent On FY ’13

The Air Force is the only military branch requesting additional funds for fiscal year 2014 compared to what was requested in FY ’13, according to President Barack Obama’s budget request, which was released yesterday The Air Force’s FY ’14 base budget request is approximately $1.2 billion more than requested for FY ’13, good for a […]