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DoD Becoming More Cost-Aggressive In Managing Programs, Masiello Says

The Defense Department is becoming more aggressive in managing its programs by wanting increased cost insight into long-term contracts to ensure it is spending taxpayer money appropriately, according to an Air Force leader. Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Contracting Maj. Gen. Wendy Masiello told Defense Daily that the government’s growing involvement in program […]

US TRANSCOM Works With Industry To Balance Business And Risk, Commander Says

Funding and force reductions this year and beyond mean it is more critical than ever for U.S. Transportation Command (TRANSCOM) to work closely with its commercial partners to balance risk and business, the commander told the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) Wednesday.  The continued drawdown in Afghanistan, for example, means less business for TRANSCOM, and […]

Limitations, Flight Restrictions Limit Utility Of F-35A Training, DOT&E Says

The limitations, workarounds and flight restrictions in place on the F-35A at this early stage of its development substantially limit its utility of training, the Defense Department’s chief weapons tester said in a report. In his F-35A Ready For Training Operational Utility Evaluation (OUE) report, DoD Director, Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E) Michael Gilmore said […]

F-35 Engine Cost Could Rise If Budget Cuts Limit Production, Exec. Says

Slowing the production of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters because of the automatic government budget cuts that took effect last week could cause the price of its engines to rise and possibly offset the gains that have been made at reducing cost in recent years, the maker of the engines said yesterday. Bennett Croswell, the president […]

House Passes CR With DoD Bill As Senate Crafts Alternative

The House passed a long-delayed defense budget bill yesterday that is intended to help the Pentagon manage the new “sequestration” cuts, sending the legislation to the Senate for scrutiny by skeptical Democrats. The budget measure–a FY ’13 continuing resolution (CR) funding most of the government at FY ’12 levels that includes full defense and military-construction […]

DoD Will Be $35 Billion Short Of O&M Requirements If Sequestration, CR Continue, Hale Says

The Defense Department will be $35 billion short of its operation and maintenance (O&M) requirements if current funding levels continue due to sequestration and a continuing resolution (CR), according to its comptroller. Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) Robert Hale said yesterday DoD is about 40 percent short of its O&M needs. “It’s not surprising we’re […]

Dems Eye Changes To House CR That Helps DoD

Congressional Democrats and the White House offered tepid support for budget legislation that would help the Pentagon, though they signaled they are not happy with the bill up for debate today in the Republican-led House. The House legislation–complete defense and military-construction appropriations bills for the rest of fiscal year 2013 attached to a bare-bones “continuing […]

Navy Seeking To Withhold Some Funding For Future SSN

The Navy says it is moving to renegotiate a contract for long-lead materials for a Virginia-class submarine planned for fiscal 2014 to cope with automatic budget cuts that took effect on Friday. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said the decision to renegotiate contract modifications was an immediate response to the automatic budget cuts known as sequestration, […]

House Weighing DoD Budget Bill Intended To Help With Sequestration Cuts

The House is preparing to vote Thursday on a full budget bill for the Pentagon over the next seven months that is intended to help it grapple with a $42.67 billion “sequestration” cut triggered last Friday. The House Appropriations Committee (HAC) released the legislation–complete defense and military-construction appropriations bills for the rest of fiscal year […]

Sequestration Fight Shifts to House CR Debate

Now that the long-dreaded sequestration cuts have started, the focus in the contentious military-budget-cutting debate shifts to the House as it plans to weigh a plan to make the cuts more manageable for the Pentagon. President Barack Obama and congressional leaders reached no last-minute deal during a meeting Friday morning to stop the politically unpopular […]