BAE Systems has finalized the design of a new augmented reality headset, the company said Thursday, with plans to develop tailored versions of the capability for potential customers’ individual requirements.

The new AR headset is built as a lightweight, durable headset and would use tracking technology to display guidance, targeting and mission information.

Graphic rendering of BAE Systems augmented reality headset. Photo: BAE Systems.

“We’ve made significant progress since the conceptual demonstration of the AR glasses. Our engineers have been working closely with real-world end users, in both military and commercial domains, to ensure the technology meets and exceeds customer expectations,” Nigel Kidd, BAE Systems’ director of head-mounted displays (HMD), said in a statement. 

BAE Systems first unveiled the AR system, which is designed to fit like a pair of glasses, as a concept demonstrator in late 2017.

Upgrades to the latest version of the capability include full-color display, a 40-degree field of view and a new inertial head tracker similar to the tool found in the company’s Striker II HMD.

The company said it is already exploring the integration of AR technology onto naval ships’ bridges, as part of an effort to refine the headset for potential customers’ individual requirements.

“This capability would allow the officer responsible for the ship’s safety to work outside of the operations room and still be able to see tactical situation data and other vital information from anywhere on the ship,” the company wrote.