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Official: Policy Reform Needed To Spur Development Of Pentagon’s Next ‘Industrial Revolution’ Capabilities

The Pentagon’s top industrial policy official on Monday said new incentives are needed to ensure the largest defense contractors continue developing future technologies in the U.S. rather than abroad as the department goes after critical force modernization capabilities, such as hypersonics and artificial intelligence, to meet increasing power competition. Eric Chewning, deputy assistant secretary of […]

Brown: House Dems to Reassert Themselves on National Defense Issues in Next Congress

With the Blue Wave pushing new Democratic lawmakers with military backgrounds into the House, expect the next House Armed Services Committee (HASC) to take a scalpel to the defense budget to emphasize value and mission need, and contribute even more to the U.S. national security conversation, said Rep. Anthony Brown (D-Md.). Having new Democratic veterans […]

Report Finds Space Force Could Cost Less than $3 Billion in New Funding

A new independent report released Monday asserts that it will take between $1.5 billion and $2.7 billion over five years to stand up some variation of a separate military branch dedicated to space, assuming the intelligence community is not included. Three potential scenarios for a new space-related military branch are laid out in the report, […]

First-Ever DoD Audit Reveals Compliance and Cyber Issues, But No Major Fraud

The results of the Pentagon’s first audit reveal flaws in its information technology processes and internal tracking database issues, but no evidence of major abuse or fraud. The audit, which was conducted by the DoD’s Offices of the Inspector General and Comptroller, was revealed last Thursday evening and covered over $2.7 trillion in department assets. […]

Despite Proposed Cuts, DoD Protecting Hypersonics, Army Programs, Space and Cyber in FY ’20 Budget

The Defense Department is prioritizing key Army modernization programs, hypersonics development and space and cyber efforts in the next fiscal year budget even as it fleshes out how to meet current and future mission needs while fitting into President Trump’s requested funding cuts, Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said Nov. 15. The Pentagon’s number-two civilian […]

Shanahan: Space Force Budget Estimate Could Be Less Than $10 Billion

The Pentagon’s latest budget estimate for standing up a new separate Space Force could be less than $10 billion, the department’s number-two civilian told reporters Nov. 15. Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said at the Pentagon that the current budget estimate is “a single digit, not a double digit” in billions of dollars, adding “it […]

Pentagon to Increase Laser Missile Defense Funding, Griffin Says

The Pentagon’s top R&D official said on Tuesday the department would push for more funding for missile defense laser research in future budgets. “In upcoming budgets for missile defense, you’re going to see a renewed emphasis on laser scaling across several technologies, because we feel we have to do that,” Under Secretary of Defense for […]

Trump Admin Pushing Arms Transfers as Economic Security Effort

The White House oversaw over $192 billion in arms transfers last fiscal year – over 13 percent more than in fiscal year 2017– and is pushing to sell even more weapons and military equipment to global allies and partners to counter growing competition overseas. President Trump’s administration is implementing key lines of effort in its […]

Analysts: Two-Year Spending Deal Likely in New Congress

The next Congress will be split between a Democratic House and a Republican Senate, and analysts expect debates regarding budget spending caps for defense and domestic spending to begin early next year. Roman Schweizer, an analyst with the Cowen Washington Research Group, said in an email that another two-year spending deal is likely to occur […]

Expect More Budget Scrutiny With New HASC Leadership

When Democrats officially take control of the House in January 2019 following the Nov. 6 midterm elections, the House Armed Services Committee is likely to perform more fiscal scrutiny under likely chairman Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash). However, committee members will still push for their respective priorities, setting up potential battles for key programs. In an […]