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Navy Comfortable With Pace of DDG-1000 Design

By Geoff Fein DDG-1000 is further along in design than any previous surface combatant at the time of contract award, easing fears that with slightly more than half of the design complete, construction costs could increase, Navy officials said. Detail design for the Navy’s next generation surface combatant is 55 percent complete, and according to […]

Army, Navy Fire Scouts: Similar Look, But Treading Different Paths

Looking across the production line at Northrop Grumman’s [NOC] Mississippi facility, it’s hard for anyone to tell the difference between the Army and Navy variants of the MQ-8B Fire Scout. But the differences are there and they extend beyond payloads and capabilities. The official Army program is the Future Combat System (FCS) Class 4 Unmanned […]

Navy Drops Two Fire Scouts In FY ’09, But Program Continues Forward

In its FY ’09 budget, the Navy reduced its quantity buy of Northrop Grumman’s [NOC] Fire Scout vertical takeoff unmanned aerial vehicle (VTUAV) due to competing requirements, according to a Navy official. Last year’s Navy budget showed the service buying five Fire Scouts in FY ’09. However, the Navy official said earlier this week the […]

First Coast Guard Security Cutter Completes Builders Trials

The first National Security Cutter being developed by Northrop Grumman [NOC] for the Coast Guard has successfully completed Builder’s Trials, a four- day round of sea trials in the Gulf of Mexico that tested the ship’s propulsion, electrical, C4ISR, damage control and combat systems, the company said last week. Construction on the Bertholf (WMSL 750) […]

JFCOM Lays Out 2008 Plans For Noble Resolve

By Calvin Biesecker The U.S. Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) and U.S Northern Command (NORTHCOM) have begun planning for this year’s experimentation campaign for homeland defense and military support of civilian authorities, with a focus on five key areas. The five focus areas for Noble Resolve this year are information sharing, maritime domain awareness, counter-weapons of […]

Navy, Industry Begin Construction Effort For DDG-1000

By Geoff Fein After more than a decade, the Navy and its industry partners are preparing to begin construction on "the largest investment ever made in surface naval capability"–DDG-1000, a Navy official said last week. Last week, General Dynamics [GD] Bath Iron Works and Northrop Grumman [NOC] Shipbuilding were awarded construction contracts for the Navy’s […]

Navy’s $4.5 Billion In Unmet Needs Includes Ships, Aircraft And Weapon Enhancements

By Geoff Fein The Navy faces $4.5 billion in unmet funding needs for FY ’08, which includes funding for ship maintenance, weapons enhancement, and aircraft improvements, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead wrote in a recent letter to Congress. Top on the list for the Navy is a $548.3 million request for critical maritime […]

Navy To Shoot Down Errant Spy Satellite With SM-3

By Geoff Fein The Navy will use a Standard Missile (SM)-3 launched from an Aegis-capable ship in the Pacific, in hopes of hitting an out of control spy satellite re-entering the Earth’s orbit, military and administration officials said yesterday. The hope is to prevent the satellite, which is carrying a fuel tank full of hydrazine, […]

Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding Looking At Sharing Work Between Yards

By Geoff Fein NEWPORT NEWS, Va.–The creation of Northrop Grumman [NOC] Shipbuilding should afford the new enterprise the opportunity to share work among its sites, get a more effective deployment of capital, and take advantage of technologies spread out among the shipyards that could benefit both the Navy and Coast Guard, the sector’s president said […]

England Tells Senators FY ’10 Budget May Take On Key Navy, Air Force Issues

By Jen DiMascio The budget for fiscal year 2010 may begin to take on the affordability of the Navy’s plan to buy and sustain 313 ships and the Air Force’s mammoth list of unfunded requirements, the deputy defense secretary said yesterday. During a Senate Budget Committee hearing, Sen. Wayne Allard (R-Colo.) asked whether achieving the […]