The State Department has approved a potential $691 million deal with Egypt for TOW-2A anti-tank missiles and support.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency notified Congress on Thursday of the new foreign military sale.

Soldiers assigned to 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment conduct tube-launched, optically tracked, Wire-guided, or TOW, a live fire exercise at Fort Campbell, Ky., April 25, 2018. the “TOW” missile is an anti-tank missile that forms part of the U.S. Army Bradley fighting vehicle. Photo by Sgt. Arturo Guzman.

 Under the deal, Egypt would receive 5,000 of the Raytheon Technologies [RTX]-built TOW-2A radio frequency-guided missiles.

“The proposed sale will enhance Egypt’s capability to strengthen its homeland defense by replenishing its stocks. The missiles will be used for counter-terrorism and border security against armored threats and fortified positions,” the DSCA wrote in a statement.