A top Marine Corps official directed the services’ aviation units to conduct an aviation safety standdown on June 13, matching a similar order from the Navy.

On Monday, Naval Air Forces Command (NAVAIR) directed all non-deployed Navy aviation units to undergo a safety pause to review risk-management practices and conduct training on threat and error-management processes. This follows a series of Navy and Marine Corps aircraft crashes in recent months (

Defense Daily, June 13).

Likewise, Gen. Eric Smith, assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, directed the Corps’ stand down “to focus on the fundamentals of safe flight operations, standardization, and combat readiness.”

The announcement came through via a Maritime Administrative Message (MARADMIN), which underscored the service has had “six Class-A mishaps since January 2022, resulting in nine fatalities and the destruction of four aircraft.”

The message said this is an appropriate time for the standdown that will review best practices and focus on areas the Marines Corps can improve to ensure the units remain capable, safe and ready.

Specifically, the order calls for all Marine aircraft wing units to conduct a one-day Safety Stand Down between June 21 and July 1. The goal is to “reinforce proper procedures, provide information, and gather feedback.  Standdowns shall be conducted during the above window so that previous operational commitments are minimally impacted,” the message said.

The Marine Corps said the standdown will also study historical examples of completed investigations while reviewing selected incidents

“Standdowns are not uncommon and are viewed as a responsible step to refresh and review best practices and procedures so our units remain capable, safe, and ready,” the Marine Corps added.