Citadel Defense on Tuesday said it has received a $12.2 million contract from the Defense Department to supply its Titan counter-drone system for use on the battlefield and at covered domestic locations.

Citadel said its counter unmanned aircraft system (C-UAS) was selected following a competitive 14-month evaluation that included more than a dozen other counter-drone solutions.

Christopher Williams, CEO of Citadel, told Defense Daily

that the quantity of Titan systems that are being delivered under the award can’t be disclosed but that it involves “dozens” of systems. He said that deliveries will be complete before the end of November 2020 and that some orders have already been delivered to meet urgent needs.

Citadel said that the Titan systems will be used to autonomously defeat commercial off-the-shelf and handmade drones using electronic countermeasures for fixed, mobile and dismounted operations. The company says the system incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning, can be set up to be mission ready within five minutes, and provides protection beyond three kilometers and up to 1,000-feet vertically.

“Weighing 20 pounds and capable of autonomous operations, Titan has been detecting, identifying and defeating adversarial drones in extremely isolated fixed locations, complex urban environments, mobile missions on-the-move, and dismounted operations where man-portability is a premium,” Matthew England, vice president of Citadel, said in a statement.

The company says Titan protects against 98 percent of commercial off-the-shelf drones.