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Japanese May Contribute Technology To ABL; Purchase Might Be Considered

Japanese firms might contribute components to the U.S. Airborne Laser (ABL) ballistic missile defense platform, an executive with The Boeing Co. [BA] said. But there have as yet been no government-to-government discussions of any potential Japanese purchase of one or more of the giant missile defense aircraft. It would, however, make sense for Japan to […]

The Space Age At 50: Does American Glory Lie Ahead, Or Mainly In The Past?

Moon Mission Not Until End Of Next Decade; Mars Is Three Decades Away The space age reaches the half-century mark Thursday surrounded by the same questions that marked its beginning: will humans have the courage and financial willpower to explore space, and if so, will it be the United States at the fore, or another […]

NASA Names Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-126 Mission Crew

NASA assigned the crew for the Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-126 mission that is targeted for launch in September next year. The flight will deliver equipment to the International Space Station that will enable larger crews to reside aboard the complex. Veteran space flier Navy Capt. Christopher J. Ferguson will command Endeavour. Air Force Lt. Col. […]

AIA Backs U.S./U.K. Defense Trade Treaty

The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) executive committee urged the Senate to approve the U.S./U.K. Defense Trade Cooperation Treaty that would ease controls on trade in defense technology goods between the two nations. That treaty would provide for reducing barriers to the exchange of defense goods, services, and information between American and British interests, according to […]

GMD Missile Defense System Succeeds In Test, As Congress Mulls European Site

The Ground-based Midcourse missile Defense (GMD) system aced a test against a long-range ballistic missile target, just as Congress is poised to decide the financial fate of plans to extend the GMD system to Europe. In the test, a target missile was sent aloft from the Kodiak Launch Complex at Kodiak, Alaska, the Missile Defense […]

Air Force Mulls Path Ahead For Protecting Satellites

By Michael Sirak and Dave Ahearn The Air Force continues to grapple with how to protect its on-orbit space assets in the wake of China’s successful test of an anti-satellite weapon in January, according to senior service officials. "First [we have to] make sure we have the situational awareness," Secretary of the Air Force Michael […]

Huge Surge In Sunspots To Begin In March, Peak In 2012

A huge surge in highly charged sun spots eruptions could begin in just half a year and persist from next March until a peak in 2012, according to a Wall Street Journal report. The fear is that the solar storms could inflict damage on satellites, electrical power grids and more, to an extent even greater […]

Department Of Defense Lacks Funds Required For Adequate Performance

Even before the baby boom generation retires and begins using expensive Social Security and medical programs, the Department of Defense is sorely underfunded, according to a report from The Heritage Foundation, a conservative Washington think tank. Pentagon needs for everything from missile defense to combat operations, from procurement of weapons systems to personnel costs, require […]


NASA Gives Contract Change To European Space Agency NASA has awarded a $27.5 million contract change to the European Space Agency Space Technology Center for further engineering on the International Space Station Node 2 and 3 modules. The contract modification extends the current contract to reflect adjustments made to the station assembly manifest and to […]