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ICx Nabs Small Subcontract for Base Security

ICx Technologies [ICXT] received a $777,000 subcontract from BAE Systems to supply six STS-12000 long-range radars for U.S. Marine Corps’ base defense. The radar system provides automated wide-area surveillance, tracking and classification of intruding personnel and vehicles. The STS-12000 is designed for force protection, border surveillance, airport security, perimeter surveillance and other applications. The work […]

Lockheed Martin Delivers Third RMMV To Navy

Lockheed Martin [LMT] this month delivered the third production Remote Multi-Mission Vehicle (RMMV) to the Navy, increasing the mine countermeasures capability for both DDG-51 Arleigh Burke class destroyers and the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), the company said. The first and second RMMV were delivered to the Navy in April and August 2007, respectively, the company […]

MTC, Marine Corps Cancel Tier II UAS Concept Demonstrator

MTC Technologies [MTCT] will return $683,000 in performance-based payments and pay $474,000 in program costs to the Marine Corps after entering into a cancellation agreement relating to the company’s Tier II Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) concept demonstration program, the company said recently. "Marine Corps Systems Command and MTC Technologies cancelled their contract for a Tier […]

Young Presses Army To Fund Three Contractor Teams On JLTV

By Jen DiMascio The Pentagon’s acquisition chief last month urged the Army to allow three industry teams to compete for Army-Marine Corps Humvee replacement program. John Young, the assistant secretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics, reviewed the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) program in early December and gave his blessing to proceed with […]

Adm. Keating Urges Chinese To Ease Hostilities, Tensions

Adm. Timothy Keating, commander of the Pacific Command, urged Chinese leaders to improve relations with the United States, during a visit to China. Some military analysts, however, see China becoming steadily more warlike in its actions, bristling with more missiles, aircraft, submarines and ships, and crowding the United States in the Western Pacific. Keating’s comments […]

Upcoming ’08 Tests Could Determine Fate of Navy’s ERM Program

By Geoff Fein In the coming weeks, both ATK [ATK] and Raytheon [RTN] will conduct test shots of their offerings for the Navy’s extended range munition (ERM) program, hoping to demonstrate to the Navy the ability to fire a 5-inch round for Naval Surface Fire Support. Additionally, because of the inability to date of either […]

Rising China Threat Unmet If U.S. Navy Doesn’t Seek Funds To Counter It, Analysts Say

Perhaps the most daunting obstacle to the Navy getting the funds it needs is…the Navy. That is the view of Ronald O’Rourke, a preeminent defense analyst with the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS). The Navy in recent years has failed to seek sufficient funds in its annual budget requests, O’Rourke said recently. He was expressing […]

Northrop Grumman Combining Shipbuilding Sectors

Northrop Grumman [NOC] this week said it will combine its two shipbuilding sectors, Newport News and Ship Systems, into a single operating sector effective Jan. 28. In addition, the company said it will separate its missiles business from its Mission Systems sector and realign it with its Space Technology sector beginning July 1. Mission Systems […]

Navy Exploring Potential To Neck Down Hull Types For Future Fleet Design

By Geoff Fein The Naval Sea Systems Commend (NAVSEA) is looking at the potential to neck down the number of surface ship and amphibious ship hulls it builds to make the future fleet affordable. The Navy currently has 21 types of ships and approximately 29 models, Rear Adm. Charles Goddard, program executive officer ships (PEO […]

Navy SDD Effort Putting Data Links On Harpoon, JSOW

The Navy has begun a Systems Design and Development (SDD) effort to incorporate a data link into Boeing’s [BA] Harpoon missile and Raytheon’s [RTN] Joint Stand-Off Weapon making the two systems the first true network enabled development efforts, a Navy official said. The goal is to develop a better target selectivity capability without having to […]