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GMD Missile Defense System Succeeds In Test, As Congress Mulls European Site

The Ground-based Midcourse missile Defense (GMD) system aced a test against a long-range ballistic missile target, just as Congress is poised to decide the financial fate of plans to extend the GMD system to Europe. In the test, a target missile was sent aloft from the Kodiak Launch Complex at Kodiak, Alaska, the Missile Defense […]

Defense Watch

The Latest Word On Trends And Developments In Aerospace And Defense Smooth Sailing. SASC Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and Sen. John Warner (R.-Va.) said last week they made a special effort to move the nomination of Adm. Gary Roughead to become the Chief of Naval Operations as quickly as possible. "I felt it imperative that […]

Administration Forwards U.S.-U.K. Military Trade Treaty To Senate

By Jen DiMascio The administration on Sept. 20 submitted to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee an agreement to loosen trade restrictions on military equipment between the U.S. and the U.K. The agreement would create an exemption International Traffic in Arms Regulations for military hardware and software being used to facilitate cooperation between the U.S. and […]