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The Latest Word On Trends And Developments In Aerospace And Defense Bridge Goes Nowhere. The House-approved $50 billion bill to fund four months of Iraq war operations tanked last week in a 53-45 Senate vote; 60 yeses were required for passage. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said because Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the […]

Senate Panel Approves Young As Next Pentagon Acquisition Chief

The Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) yesterday gave the green light to John Young to become the next chief weapons buyer for the Pentagon, approving a nomination that was brought to the panel in early October. Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), SASC chairman, told Defense Daily recently that while he did not have a hold on […]

Defense Bill To Recommend Strategic Pause On European Missile Defense Site

Removing former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld from the Pentagon has enabled Democrats to shift opinion about building a third ballistic missile defense site in Europe, a leading Democratic lawmaker said this week. The administration was rushing ahead with construction of the missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic to protect against missiles coming […]

Movement of Defense Bridge Fund, Authorization Bill Slow

By Jen DiMascio At the beginning of the week, lawmakers planned to bring a war-funding bill to a vote and reconciling remaining differences in a bill to authorize funding for the Defense Department. By yesterday, hopes for results were fizzling. The House had passed the $50 billion bill for the Iraq war, but a final […]

House Pushes Back Vote On Bridge Fund, Seeking Additional Support

By Jen DiMascio Democrats planned to vote on a bridge fund for the war in Iraq that includes $1.6 billion to fight improvised explosive devices yesterday afternoon but at press time had pushed the vote to later in the evening and were working to reel in more support among Democrats. A vote on four months […]

Democrats Plan To Move $50 Billion Iraq War Bill This Week

By Jen DiMascio Leading Democrats said they intend to move a $50 billion bridge fund for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan before leaving for a Thanksgiving recess. The question is whether it will be a viable bill with language pressing for a presidential plan to bring troops home from Iraq by December 2008 and […]

MRAP Contractors Press For More Timely Information

By Jen DiMascio Makers of the multi-billion effort to manufacture vehicles that improve protection against improvised explosive devices last week called on the government to provide more timely information about the military’s needs and to make the emergency effort an official Pentagon program. The two leading manufacturers of military vehicles, BAE SYSTEMS and General Dynamics […]

Congress To Probe Space Shuttle Safety Problems, Looming Retirement Issues

Questions Arise Whether Shuttles Will Finish All Needed Missions A Senate panel this week will probe major questions about the space shuttle fleet, focusing on safety issues, whether the shuttles – before a mandated 2010 retirement — can finish building the International Space Station, and what will happen to NASA and the U.S. global image […]