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Taylor Offers Shipbuilding Deal To Navy Leadership

By Jen DiMascio The leader of a House subcommittee yesterday presented the Navy Secretary and Chief of Naval Operations with a deal on shipbuilding. The Navy wants to waive an agreement it made last year to maintain a fleet of 11 aircraft carriers. Noting that such a proposal "would probably be dead on arrival in […]

Members of Congress May Seek To Overturn Tanker Decision

By Jen DiMascio and Emelie Rutherford Regardless of whether the Air Force acted legally and responsibly in its decision to choose Northrop Grumman [NOC] to build the service’s next aerial refueling tankers, lawmakers may still move to overturn the decision. "I think the decision was based on the law. I think [the Air Force] followed […]

Lawmakers Draw Battle Lines On Tanker Competition

By Jen DiMascio If yesterday was any indication, the Air Force’s hope for a quick start to development of aerial refueling tankers after last week’s contract award is unlikely to materialize. The combination of union support for leading Democrats with conservative Republican support for keeping military manufacturing on U.S. shores makes for a wide alliance […]

Lawmakers Press For Hearings On Tanker Award

By Jen DiMascio A senior member of the House Appropriations defense subcommittee and other lawmakers are pressing for hearings on the Air Force’s decision to award Northrop Grumman [NOC] a contract to develop the service’s next generation of aerial refueling tanker aircraft. They are also trying to move up an Air Force debriefing for Boeing […]

Substituting A DDG-1000 To Pay For Other Ships Would Disrupt Combatant Line, CNO Says

By Geoff Fein Any plan to sacrifice a DDG-1000 to buy other ships could impact the Navy’s surface combatant lines as the service begins developing new classes of ships, the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) said. "I am very concerned we do not disrupt our combatant lines," CNO Adm. Gary Roughead told lawmakers yesterday. "Right […]

Army Guard Needs $3.9 Billion In FY ’09

By Jen DiMascio The Army National Guard needs $3.9 billion more than was included in its budget request for fiscal year 2009 and may run out of money for recruiting incentives this April if a war supplemental is not approved, Guard leaders told lawmakers yesterday. That list includes a $2 billion shortage in equipment funding […]

Some Democratic And GOP Lawmakers Believe That NASA Is Underfunded

By Dave Ahearn Some Democrats and Republicans, people in both the legislative and executive branches, and independent observers all agree on one point: NASA is underfunded and unable to continue providing a robust manned space program, science and research activities, aeronautics and more at a level worthy of a first-rank superpower nation, the United States. […]


Bob Hastings, BAE SYSTEMS’ vice president for communications, is leaving the company to take a job next month as principal deputy assistant secretary of defense for public affairs, according to sources. The assistant secretary of defense for public affairs job has been vacant since Dorrance Smith left at the end of October. Sources speculated yesterday […]

HASC Drills Down On Air Force Unfunded Requirements

By Jen DiMascio The Air Force’s list of $20 billion in unfunded requirements was front and center at a House Armed Services Committee (HASC) hearing yesterday. Members of the committee sought to get to the bottom of the difference between the service’s official budget and its annual wish list, which this year more than doubles […]

CBP, Boeing Officials Describe Project 28 Shortcomings, Lessons Learned

By Calvin Biesecker Appearing before a House panel yesterday that is unhappy with the work done so far on a high-technology electronic border security project, government and industry officials admitted that Project 28 isn’t optimal yet but said they have learned lessons to improve on the system and future deployments. Border Patrol agents who are […]