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Air Force Retains Interest In B-52 Jammer As POM 2010 Build Ensues

By Michael Sirak The Air Force remains interested in establishing a program of record in its FY ’10 program objective memorandum (POM) for a standoff jamming capability on the B-52H bomber aircraft, according to service officials. This concept is known as the Core Component Jammer (CCJ). "But before we proceed," the Secretary of the Air […]

Army Future Combat Systems To Participate In Air Force JEFX 2008

The Army’s major modernization program, the Future Combat Systems (FCS) will again participate in the Air Force Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment (JEFX) 2008 as it did last year, according to a program official. JEFX is a series of joint service experiments, led by the Air Force’s Global Cyberspace Integration Center, focusing on collaboration and connectivity […]

Air Force Eyes Boosted Bunker Buster To Defeat Hardened Targets

By Michael Sirak The Air Force is interested in launching a program early next decade to develop a 2,000-pound boosted penetrator munition as an enhanced means of defeating hardened and deeply buried targets, according to a senior service weapons developer. "We are just completing a hard target study that has kind of shown that we […]

North: F-15 Grounding Indicative of Challenges of Flying Aging Inventory  

By Michael Sirak FORWARD OPERATING BASE, Southwest Asia–The current grounding of the Air Force’s fleet of F-15 fighter jets shows the challenges and dangers of operating an aging inventory, the top Air Force general in the Middle East/Near East region said here last week. "I think the key piece that most America does not understand […]

Reaper Unmanned Aircraft Becoming An Increasing Presence In Afghanistan

By Michael Sirak Southwest Asia–Both the United Kingdom and United States now are operating General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI)-built Reaper remotely piloted aircraft over the skies of Afghanistan, and, as of last week, U.S. Air Force assets have effectively employed the missile and bomb types that they currently carry against anti-government insurgents there, according to […]

Air Force Promotes Airlift Options For Middle Eastern Partners

By Michael Sirak DUBAI, United Arab Emirates–The Air Force is looking to build partnerships in the Middle East in the realm of airlift since there is a need both for tactical and strategic capacity in the region, the service’s top international representative said here Sunday at the 2007 Dubai Air Show. "Lift is a big […]

Air Force Returning F-15Es To Flight Duty Upon Passing One-Time Inspection

By Michael Sirak RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany–The Air Force is starting to return F-15E Strike Eagle fighter jets to flight duty upon each aircraft passing a one-time inspection, service officials said here yesterday. The grounding of F-15C Eagles, however, remains in effect, these officials said. Defense Daily could not ascertain the details of the F-15E […]

Appropriations Report Would Put Air Force On Track To Buy More F-22s

By Jen DiMascio Lawmakers are supporting the Air Force’s position that it needs 20 more F-22 Raptor stealth fighter aircraft, urging the service to extend its current multiyear contract with Lockheed Martin [LMT]. Language in the conference report on the FY ’08 Defense Appropriations Bill suggests that the service pull $526 million in fiscal year […]

Boeing Teams With Northrop Grumman On B-52 Core Component Jammer

By Michael Sirak Boeing [BA] has joined forces with Northrop Grumman [NOC] to offer the Air Force an affordable and comparatively low-risk solution to installing powerful jamming pods on the B-52H bomber aircraft so that the venerable platform could disrupt enemy air defense radar from standoff distances in addition to its normal strike roles, according […]

Air Force Buying Laser-Guided Mavericks As Interim Moving-Target Attack Capability

The Air Force says it intends to task Raytheon [RTN] soon to supply 450 AGM-65 Maverick surface-attack missiles with a new laser guidance section as a near-term means to attack moving targets. Service officials say they anticipate awarding a contract to Raytheon next month for the missiles, which are known as Laser Mavericks. They will […]