Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser (WCMD) Manufacturer: Lo…

Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser (WCMD)


Lockheed Martin [LMT]


WCMD is a tail guidance kit that allows for improved targeting of Textron [TXT] cluster munitions. The WCMD tail kit, attached to a Textron [TXT] CBU-97 Sensor Fuzed Weapon unit, converts it to a CBU-105. When attached to a CBU-87 with a fuze and integral timer, the WCMD allows for the conversion to CBU-103 standard. When fitted on the CBU-89 Gator mine dispenser, it becomes the CBU-104. The package itself comprises an umbilical cable and bracket, system battery, fin release mechanism, integrated electronics assembly, housing with accompanying control actuation assembly and a multisensor inertial measurement unit produced by Britain’s BAE SYSTEMS.

Combat Use:

WCMD entered service with Air Force B-52 bombers built by Boeing [BA] in November 1998.At least 573 WCMD units were used during Operation Enduring Freedom.

Foreign Users:

None, but is available for international sales.


WCMD offers precision engagement capabilities utilizing an inertial guidance component to correct for launch transients and wind conditions. According to Lockheed Martin, adding WCMD to a weapon allows for discrete area targeting along guided trajectories, as opposed to broad area targeting on ballistic trajectories. WCMD has been cleared for use with the B-52 and Block 50/52 variants of Lockheed Martinís F-16 fighter-bomber. Integration on the B-1B and Boeingís F-15E is expected later this year. A GPS-guided WCMD, called WCMD-Extended Range (ER), will offer better precision than even the existing kit. The WCMD-ER spiral is expected to begin this May.