The State Department approved a potential $368.5 million Foreign Military Sale (FMS) to the United Kingdom for Tomahawk Weapon System follow-on support.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) notified Congress of the sale on March 29.

The U.K. requested follow-on support for all three segments of the government’s Tomahawk Weapon System (TWS), including the All Up Round (AUR), Tactical Tomahawk Weapon Control System (TTWCS) and Theater Mission Planning Center (TMPC). The Tomahawk is a ship and submarine-launched cruise missile, with the U.K. as the only current non-U.S. user.

This FMS includes recertification of the U.K.’s missiles; unscheduled missile maintenance; spares; procurement; training; in-service support; software; hardware; communication equipment; operational flight test; and other engineering and technical support to maintain the TWS capability.

The prime contractor for the sale will be Raytheon Technologies [RTX].

DSCA said this will sustain the operating capability of the U.K.’s system, “ensuring maritime forces’ interoperability with United States and other allied forces as well as their ability to contribute to missions of mutual interest by delivering follow-on support and sustainment.”