The Senate confirmed Carlos Del Toro to be the next Secretary of the Navy in a voice vote late Aug. 7.

“Carlos Del Toro’s lifelong pursuits and deep experience advancing America’s national security make him well-prepared to serve as the 78th Secretary of the Navy,” Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said in a statement after the confirmation.

The White House

announced Del Toro’s selection in June (Defense Daily, June 11).

Del Toro previously served in the Navy for 22 years, including as the first commanding officer of the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Bulkeley (DDG-84), Senior Executive Assistant to the Director for Program Analysis and Evaluation in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and Special Assistant to the Director and Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

After leaving the government, for the last 17 years Del Toro has been the CEO and president of SBG Technology Solutions, which he founded in 2004.

The initial administration announcement said at SBG Del Toro supported defense programs across a set of immediate and long-term Navy issue areas including shipbuilding, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, acquisition programs, space systems, health and training.

“He understands firsthand the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing our Navy, from addressing the pacing challenge of China and modernizing our capabilities, to investing in our most valuable asset – our people. As an immigrant who has dedicated his life to public service, Carlos exemplifies the core values of honor, courage, and commitment in defense of our country,” Austin added.

Del Toro also served as the first Hispanic president of the White House Fellows Foundation and Alumni association, serves on the Board of Directors of the Stimson Center, and was appointed to the U.S. Naval Academy’s Alumni Association’s Special Commission on Culture, Diversity and Inclusion.

“We remain the preeminent force in the world because of leaders like Carlos, and I have no doubt our Navy and our nation will be well served. I congratulate him on his confirmation, look forward to working with him and take pleasure in welcoming him back aboard,” Austin said.

Now confirmed, Del Toro is set to relieve Thomas Harker, who has served as Acting Navy Secretary since President Biden took office in January. Harker previously served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Financial management and Comptroller.

The confirmation comes days after former Navy acquisition head and temporary number two civilian at the Navy James Geurts announced he is retiring from government service this month (Defense Daily, Aug. 4).

During his confirmation hearing in July, Del Toro said he supports the 355-ship Navy goal and vowed to ensure new technologies like unmanned systems do not move forward too quickly without sufficient testing (Defense Daily, July 14).

“I will ensure that we do not advance those technologies until they’re ready to do so,” Del Toro said.