The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) on Monday awarded General Dynamics’ [GD] Information Technology business a potential $4.5 billion contract for information technology services.

The five-year award, which was announced on Wednesday through the federal procurement site, is for User Facing and Data Center Services (UDS). The contract has a base-year and four one-year options.

“The NGA UDS acquisition will provide a full suite of user facing and data center IT services on multiple networks and security domains, inclusive of Intelligence Community (IC) Cloud Environments and Desktop Environments, at multiple locations worldwide, inclusive of new facilities and building constructions…to support the NGA geospatial-intelligence mission,” NGA said in the contract notice.

NGA said that GD will perform the work at three of the agency’s sites in Springfield, Va., St. Louis, Mo., and Arnold, Mo., and at more than 150 IC and Defense Department partner sites worldwide.