The Navy’s Program Executive Office Ships stood up the newest program office, U.S. Navy and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Boats and Craft, PMS 300 with a ceremony on Oct. 21.

The Navy said it established PMS 300 to separate out from the Support Ships, Boats and Craft program office (PMS 325), which has grown.

“I’m looking forward to working alongside this talented team of acquisition professionals as we navigate the growth of this new program to ensure collaboration and readiness with our domestic and allied partners remains strong,” Capt. Eric Felder, who will lead the office, said in a statement.

PMS 300 will be responsible for commercial-based naval acquisition of craft and boats for the Navy, other Department of Defense (DoD) and non-DoD customers. It will cover three product line divisions including FMS, boats and combatant craft, and service craft and seaborne targets. 

The divisions are all expected to support all parts of planning, budgeting, acquisition and life cycle management. PMS 300 will also include the support divisions of business and financial management as well as integrated logistics support. 

With this split, PMS 325 will be renamed the Auxiliary and Special Mission Shipbuilding Program Office as it oversees auxiliary ships and special mission ships. 

PMS 325 will oversee the new John Lewis-class replenishment oiler ship (T-AO 205); Next-Generation Logistics Ship (NGLS); T-ARC(X) cable ship replacement program; T-ATS Navajo-class towing, salvage and rescue ship; T-AGS oceanographic survey ships; NOAA NAV vessels; and T-AGOS(X) class ocean surveillance ship programs.