The head of Naval Sea Systems Command Vice Adm. Thomas Moore recently established a new directorate for Cyber Engineering and Digital Transformation, NAVSEA 03, in the wake of cyber issues in the last year.

Announced in an April 10 NAVSEA email, Moore said this decision follows “several significant cyber issues this fall and winter it was clear we were not organized and aligned properly within NAVSEA to address Cyber Readiness or the rapid changes in the digital/data analytics world.” He added the urgency is needed in the era of great power competition.


NAVSEA did not explain what the significant issues were by time of publication.

NAVSEA 03 (SEA-03) aims to “more effectively align resources and our efforts” to be “the single, accountable authority within NAVSEA for Cyber Engineering and Digital Transformation.”

To this effect, Moore appointed Rear Adm. Huan Nguyen as the first Deputy Commander for Cyber Engineering and Digital Transformation. He is now tasked with leading all actions needed to stand up SEA-03.

Moore said he expects the new directorate to be running by April 15.

The NAVSEA chief outlined the first steps in establishing the new organization. First, they will merge the Chief Information Officer (CIO) shop, SEA-00I, into SEA-03. This is intended to transform the traditional IT missions into a “new and improved services delivery. This is a necessary step to moving out on digital business initiatives.”

Next, NAVSEA will evaluate cyber and digital initiatives across the enterprise and then recommend further organizational alignments.

“It will involve strategic changes in how we do business in order to meet the challenges of the changing digital environment and unity of effort for NAVSEA cyber acquisition and digital engineering,” Moore added.