The Marine Corps has submitted to Congress an unfunded priorities list for fiscal year 2023 totaling nearly $3.5 billion that seeks additional funds for more F-35s, KC-130J tankers and CH-53K helicopters, according to documents.

The top priority on the Marine Corps’ list of unfunded requirements seeks $250 million for advanced procurement of an LPD-17 Flight II amphibious ship, which is built by Huntington Ingalls Industries


A Marine Corps F-35B lands on the amphibious assault ship USS Wasp (LHD-1),. (Photo: U.S. Navy )

Details of the unfunded priorities list, which were first reported by Politico, arrive just days after FY ‘23 budget requests were rolled out, to include the Navy seeking $16.8 billion to procure 96 total aircraft across the Navy and Marine Corps (Defense Daily, March 28). 

Of the $3.5 billion in the Marine Corps’ unfunded requirements list, which includes items that didn’t make the final cut for the force’s budget, $2.3 billion is designated for “force design priorities.”

The Marine Corps is seeking $253 million for two more KC-130J tankers, after requesting five in the budget, as well as an additional $250 million for two more CH-53K King Stallion helicopters.

The list also calls for $671.2 million to cover six additional F-35s, split between three more F-35Bs for $357.6 million and three more F-35Cs for $313.6 million. 

The Navy’s FY ‘23 budget request included plans for four F-35Cs for the Marine Corps and 15 F-35B short takeoff and vertical landing aircraft for the Marine Corps.

Marine Corps officials also included $456 million to add 12 additional Northrop Grumman [NOC]-built AN/TPS-80 G/ATOR radars and $117.4 million for additional Oshkosh Defense [OSK]-built Joint Light Tactical Vehicles and associated trailers.