Insource Foes

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Insource Foes. A new group called the Small Business Coalition for Fair Contracting is challenging the federal government’s efforts to insource jobs held by contractors. "The recent federal focus on insourcing is merely the tip of the iceberg," says Sterling Crockett, whose New Jersey company R4 Inc. helps train soldiers. "Small and mid-sized federal contractors also face financing issues, outdated (Small Business Administration) SBA size standards, bundled contracts and chronic failures by prime contractors and government agencies to meet small business set-aside goals. SBCFC is being created to be the voice on Capitol Hill for those small and mid-sized businesses who politicians love to say are the backbone of America." The coalition says the "last straw" was President Barack Obama’s call to cut federal procurement spending by 7 percent, which spurred cutbacks for smaller contactors. "The coalition board plans to take on other contracting barriers such as bundling, set asides, and unrealistic goals preventing small businesses from winning federal contracts," it says.