Industry Teams Submit Proposals For Army Ground Combat Vehicle

Industry Teams Submit Proposals For Army Ground Combat Vehicle

By Ann Roosevelt

Teams led by BAE Systems, General Dynamics [GD], and SAIC [SAI], have submitted proposals for the Army’s Technology Development phase of the Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) program.

The GCV is the Army’s modernization effort to replace the terminated Manned Ground Vehicle portion of the Future Combat Systems.

The Request for Proposals (RFP) closed May 21, and marks the beginning of the formal source selection process that is expected to culminate with as many as three competitive contract awards late in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2010.

"We have had good response from industry and now the source selection process will begin immediately," said Col. Bryan McVeigh, program manager GCV, in an Army statement. "Due to the sensitive nature of this procurement and the Federal prohibition on the release of procurement information, the program office will not release further source selection details until the close of the process."

The 27-month GCV TD phase is to complete the preliminary design, mature technologies through subsystem demonstrators, and inform the requirements process for an IFV that meets Army requirements for operations in a contemporary threat environment, ahead of a Milestone B review in 2013.

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