Elbit Systems has successfully demonstrated its helmet mounted display-powered Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV) for the Israeli military, the company said July 4.

Officials with the Israeli defense firm said the AFV uses next-generation helmet mounted display technology that allows two soldiers to operate the vehicle under closed hatches, with the platform capable of also performing “key combat tasks with [a] high level of autonomy.”

Elbit Systems’ Armored Fighting Vehicle. Photo: Israeli Ministry of Defense

“The AFV successfully demonstrated its capacity to function as an independent high fire-power strike cell, as a networked station for multi-spectral sensing and information fusion, as well as a base platform for operating additional unmanned systems,” company officials said in a statement.

Elbit Systems is offering its AFV for the Israeli Ministry of Defense’s CARMEL Future Combat Vehicle project.

AFV is designed to utilize autonomous capabilities for tasks including off-road driving, rapid target acquisition and high-precision fire missions, according to Elbit. 

Officials said the platform will be networked to transmit intelligence with other platforms, and have the capability to control vertical take off and landing systems and unmanned ground vehicles. 

“The innovative AFV introduces a step change in the operational capability of combat vehicles. This is underpinned by applying autonomous capabilities and artificial intelligence  to accelerate decision making and facilitate target engagement with dramatically increased rapidity and accuracy,” Elbit officials said.

Vehicle operators use Elbit’s Iron Vision ‘See-Through’ helmet mounted display to receive real-time, high resolution video to create a 360-degree view required to control the vehicle.

“Iron Vision enables the crew to acquire targets, conduct line-of-sight driving and navigation and enslave the AFV’s weapons systems to their line-of-sight,” officials wrote.