Elbit Systems of America said Tuesday it has a received a five-year deal from the Army to deliver a new Common Helmet Mounted Display (CHMD) system for helicopter flight crews.

The CHMD system will be integrated with the company’s used onboard the Army’s CH-47F and UH-60L/M/V helicopters and provide access to next-generation tracking and display systems.

Photo: Elbit Systems of America

“Our CHMD provides advanced capabilities for Army aviators. Our solution ensures pilots experience crisp, clear and accurate symbology, which provides critical information during flight and a decisive edge in mission effectiveness,” Raanan Horowitz, CEO of Elbit Systems of America, said in a statement.

Deliveries of CHMD are expected to begin 15 months from now, according to the company.

CHMD will be utilized with the Air Soldier System flight crew life support equipment used to provide enhanced situational awareness.

“With a low-cost, rapid repair and support infrastructure, the CHMD program reflects a lifecycle sustainment approach that ensures combat readiness for the U.S. Army,” company officials wrote in a statement.