The Department of Homeland Security last Friday issued a revised timeline for its upcoming acquisition of Data Center and Cloud Optimization (DCCO) Support Services, with the solicitation expected to be released in mid-September and an award in late December.

Earlier this year the DCCO award had been anticipated in October, and then later it was revised to mid-December. Release of the solicitation had been expected in July before slipping to late August and now September.

The DHS Office of Procurement Operations on July 10 asked industry to provide feedback on the latest draft performance work statement, price and evaluation factors.

DHS currently has two data centers, Data Center (DC) 1 operated by General Dynamics [GD] and Data Center 2 operated by Perspecta [PRSP]. DHS recently awarded Perspecta a potential $112 million, three-year contract to continue to operate DC 2 while the center is retired and some systems and applications are migrated to DC 1.

The DCCO acquisition will be for a hybrid cloud environment that includes DC 1 and will expand to colocation environments where the department locates information technology infrastructure equipment.

Comments on the latest draft statements are due by Aug. 6 and a second virtual industry day that had been slated for June before it was pushed back to early August. The new timing for the webinar is late August.