The Army has placed its latest latest low-rate production order for BAE Systems’ Armored Mult-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV), awarding the company $401 million to deliver 160 vehicles.

Deliveries under the AMPV deal, announced on Tuesday evening, are expected to be completed by the end of February 2023.

BAE Systems’ Armored Multipurpose Vehicle (AMPV)

AMPV is the Army’s program to replace its M113 armored personnel carriers. BAE Systems won the AMPV program in 2014, with several orders currently underway to deliver the new vehicles.

BAE Systems said last February the company had received two contract modifications totaling $575 million and 300 vehicles. Those vehicles will start to be delivered this spring. (Defense Daily, Feb. 19 2019). 

LRIP is expected to cover 551 units of the total 2,907 vehicles under the AMPV program.

The Army has previously announced plans to stretch its procurement of AMPVs as part of its effort to reduce buys for certain programs over the next five years to fully fund future weapon system development (Defense Daily, March 19 2019). 

The service’s latest budget laid out plans to drop fiscal year 2021 procurement by 30 percent from 204 to 143 vehicles, while also pushing the program’s largest buy to FY ’24 from FY ’21 as a result of a shift in funds.

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told reporters last year that AMPV will not see a reduction in total procurement numbers with the total buy remaining at over 2,900 vehicles.