The Air Force awarded six contracts to compete for future adversary air support and training with a total award amount of over $6 billion.

The contracts, announced Oct. 18, will provide for air support services for “realistic and challenging advanced adversary air threats and close air support threats.” Awards were issued to: Air USA, Inc.; Airborne Tactical Advantage Company, LLC., a subsidiary of Textron [TXT]; Blue Air Training; Coastal Defense; Draken International; Tactical Air Support; and Top Aces Corp. Eight offers were received; the company that did not receive a contract was not named.

The winning companies will be expected to provide services such as manned and unmanned aircraft, system support, pilots, maintenance, support equipment and contract management, according to the award notice. Work is expected to be complete within five years.

The awards will be worth up to $6.4 billion, per the award notice. Fiscal 2020 operations and maintenance funds in the amount of $15.8 million were obligated at the time of award.